Just jamming out to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

For those of you that know me.. Know that I love music! I love getting involved with the music business, and I love working with Social Media! So, I decided to write about a duo that I haven’t had a chance to see live in concert yet.. But, from what I saw on the billboard music awards inspired me to chase my dreams a little bit farther.. Without further ado, here is my Music Monday Blog post on:

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


You see the guy in the pink button up? That’s Macklemore from Seattle, Washington. Macklemore, is a rare breed he was born to stand out & not fit in with the rest of the crew. Hence his crazy style, that he rocks on stage every night! Macklemore, has been through the good, bad, and the ugly. For example, Macklemore entered rehab for  Oxycontin abuse and came out in 2008 as a new man. But, in 2011 he slipped and had a cough syrup obsession.. 2013, things changed.

The guy in the green button up is Ryan Lewis he’s an American Music Producer from Spokane, Washington. Ryan, is a  musician, music video director, photographer, graphic designer, and DJ currently based in Seattle. It all started for Ryan in 2006 at a Macklemore Concert.



Well.. Sort of! You see, there is a social media site called “Myspace” and in 2008 Ryan decided to send Macklemore a message on Myspace. It went to this..

From Myspace, it went to this song..

So.. When you’re at a Thrift Shop looking for a cute outfit for whatever occasion.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis don’t let anyone hold them down from their dreams!

Here we are in May..

They aren’t just making records, they’re setting them: biggest-selling download of 2013, the first duo to send their first two singles to No. 1 on the Hot 100. And they’ve done it all their way.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, made the cover of Billboard magazine this month

& they also took home

The Top Rap Song for “Thrift Shop” tonight at the Billboard Music Awards!

Some people say this duo was an over night success.. But, what you don’t know is all the work they put into this over night success.

Chase your dreams, and don’t be afraid to work hard. The hard work your doing now, will pay off in the end and give you great success.

Just remember..


I hope you all have a wonderful Music Monday

– Paige Gregory


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