Professional Bullfighter Dustin Gibby

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PicsArt_136985964541111 Questions with Professional Bullfighter Dustin Gibby

RodeoChat: How did you get into fighting bulls? Was it something you have always wanted to do?

Dustin Gibby: Well i rode bulls for a while I started just playing around at a practice pen that had no bull fighters.

RodeoChat: So pretty much you made your own route in the arena and tought yourself how to fight bulls? Or did you have a trainer..

Dustin Gibby: I kind of did. I had a little help . but i learned alto from watching videos of Ross hill, and dusty tuckness.

RodeoChat: Out of Ross, and Dusty.. Which one of those bullfighters pushed you the farthest in your bullgithing career?

Dustin Gibby: well i traveled with Ross a couple of times . Ross really helped the mental game of it.

RodeoChat: What’s some of your FAV moves you like to make in the arena when your fighting bulls?

Dustin Gibby: Of course it would have to be the backflip

RodeoChat: What kind of training did it take to learn how to do a backflip over a bull?

Dustin Gibby: I didn’t . my first freeystyle show i just tried it . and just been doing it ever since.

RodeoChat: I’m sure you rodeo cowboys have all kinds stories to tell.. Do you have any funny bullfighting stories that stand out from the rest?

Dustin Gibby: Well one time i got my shorts ripped off at a rodeo . Had to run out bare booty! that’s about funny as it gets.

RodeoChat: Walk us through the steps on how you get yourself prepared for a big bullfighting event..

Dustin Gibby: Just try to think positive. and a little cardio helps a lot . but just don’t think about it and have fun.

RodeoChat: I know that bull riders have FAV bulls they like to get on.. Do you have a FAV bull you like to fight in the arena?

Dustin Gibby: I had one bull that i really enjoyed was named Ragin Cajun.

RodeoChat: what’s so special about Ragin Cajun?

Dustin Gibby: He was fast and he liked to stay in your back pocket the whole time.

RodeoChat: So you took some time off from fightin bulls.. What have you been doing on your time off, and when do you plan to come back to fightin bulls?

Dustin Gibby: Well i just been trying to raise my 2 boys Jackson and pistol. I have just trying to be a dad. i plan on coming back this fall.

RodeoChat: Sounds like a good deal! Do y’all have any fun summer plans on the agenda?

Dustin Gibby: I plan on going to the beach to work on my tan lol! Going fishing . and just sitting on the beach having some cold ones.

You can stay connected with Dustin Gibby through his Twitter page:

Thanks so much to everyone that joined in on the chat last night! We had a blast chattin with y’all! Huge S/O to our guest Dustin for taking the time to chat with all of us Rodeo/BullFighting fans! Hope you guy’s have a wonderful week!

– Paige Gregory


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