#RodeoChat Professional Bull Rider, Chad Besplug

chadbesplugRodeoChat: At what age did you decide Hey man I wanna start riding bulls?

Chad Besplug: I probably decided around the time I was 7 or 8. First time I saw it at a rodeo with my parents and realized how cool it was.

RC: So, what rodeo did your parents take you to that caught your attention to start riding bulls?

CB: I can’t remember. My mom barrel raced and dad steer wrestled at amateur rodeos in Canada.

RC: So, at the age of 7 you decided you wanted to ride bulls.. What happened from there? Did you attend bull riding clinics?

CB: Ya, I did but mostly I watched tape and practiced on my buckin barrel. Lots of work.

RC: What year did you reach that professional title in bull riding? And how did you earn that title?

CB: Proffesional when I was 18. It’s easy to get that title. Anyone can get it. Win 1000 in the PBR. It’s a joke.

RC: So the big question is how did your shoulder surgery go? Care to give us an update on what’s going on?

CB: went really well. Repaired some things that should allow me to ride bulls as long as I want. Maybe another 10 years.

RC: You just had one surgery right? How did you keep yourself sane through all the treatments?

CB: Exercise and healthy diet. Just staying active. It’s important to stay focused on the end goal

RC: Enough talking about medical treatment for a bit.. Let’s talk about last years @calgarystampede ! How did it feel to win that HUGE outdoor rodeo event?

CB: Obviously great! As a Canadian, it’s the biggest thing u can win at home. I wanna win it again and again ……

RC: So your pretty much the next Silvano Alves? Lol.

CB: Haha no I didn’t say that. Speaking of which. Congrats to Silvano for holos win on the weekend. He is the best

RC: Lol, okay the BIG questions is.. When can we see you back on the BFTS riding bulls again?

CB: probably the beginning of next season. NYC. I want to start with a full season rather that catch up for two months.

RC: Totally understand! Besides PBR, do you ride in any other rodeo assoc. If so, which assocs. ?

CB: Ya, I go to Canadian Pro rodeos. I really try to support and grow the sport in Canada.

RC: What are your summer plans.. Will you be riding bulls this summer?

CB: Yep. I’ll be riding at the @calgarystampede again. Can’t wait. Best rodeo on earth.

RC: Awsome!! Do you have any other hobbies besides riding bulls?

CB: Twitter for sure (@Chad_Besplug) . Once I am back ill post weekly updates.

That’s a wrap for RodeoChat this week folks! Thanks so much to everyone that joined in on the chat on Twitter tonight! HUGE Shoutout to Chad Besplug for taking the time to chat with us 🙂 On that note, I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful rest of the week.

– Paige Gregory



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