#MusicMonday – Lori McKenna


(Lorraine) Lori McKenna

American Folk

Singer / Songwriter

Stoughton, Massachusetts

December 22, 1968

So, the other night while I was working on a new vet project I decided to crank up some good jam up tunes to help me get through the grueling hours I’d have to spend on a new project I was just starting. So, while I’m scrolling through the front page of Spotify.. I see a section of EP’S that some new artist’s just released. One of the EP’s that caught my attention was Lori McKenna NEW EP:

I’m a HUGE fan of new music, and I’m always listening to NEW artist’s EP’S every chance that I get. That’s one of the cool thing’s about working in the music business is meeting / listening to all of these artist’s amazing store’s that come out in their music! Okay, back to Lori McKenna NEW EP ” Heart Shaped Bullet Hole” this EP is amazing! Amazing, as in it has a great variety of song’s on it with different meanings! One of my favorite track’s on  Heart Shaped Bullet Hole would have to be “Whiskey And Chewing Gum” written by Lori McKenna and Troy Verges! I don’t like it just because of the title of the song, the lyrics are just amazing.. One of my fav line’s of the song is:

Some love’s like whiskey it ain’t right but it gets you drunk

Numbs you for a little while – until the morning comes

When you finally figure out you can never drink enough

Some love’s like chewing gum it tastes good when it’s new

But it don’t take long until it’s tired and it’s tasteless to you

Lori McKenna, is an amazing songwriter! At the sweet age of 27 Lori became a professional songwriter. Lori, has had cut’s from some of today’s BRIGHTEST country music star’s. For Example:

Faith Hill 

Mandy Moore

Sara Evans 

Tim McGraw

Jimmy Wayne 

Lori, write’s some of the most amazing song’s. The lyric’s in her music are so REAL, and our everyday thing’s that most of us today go through. I’m a huge fan of REAL music, and music that has meaning. If you can’t feel the song, then what’s the point of listening to it?

Lori McKenna

Hope y’all have a wonderful Music Monday!

** Merry CHRISTmas Eve Everyone **

– Paige Gregory –


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