Wolf Creek’s Cattle Company Handy Man – Reece Arnold

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Hello Rodeo Fans! I’m so stoked to let you guy’s in on something new that I have started with RodeoChat! I have created the first ever RodeoChat community page on Google +!  I thought it would be something cool and neat, and maybe gain some new Rodeo fans? Hey, why not it’s worth a shot 😉 So check it out, and feel free to join the RodeoChat community page on Google + :  https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107135950085032362385

On that note, here’s this week’s blog post on this week’s RodeoChat guest!

Enjoy 😉

Ever wonder what all goes behind the secene’s when it comes to handling bull’s? How stock contractors take care of their stock going down the road, and the training process to making great bucking bulls? Well, all of those question’s will  be answered this Thursday night at 8 PM CST as i’ll be chatting with Wolf Creek’s Cattle Company Handy man Reece Arnold! Reece, Is the livestock manager, flank man, and bull hauler that get’s to travel across this wonderful country doing what he love’s, hauling some top-notch bucking bull’s!

Reece sent me some picture’s of some of the bull’s he’s been working with lately:

Fun Size 

Old School

Reece has been the handy man for Wolf Creek Cattle Company for about 6 years now, and still loving every minute of his job!  To learn more about what Reece does at Wolf Creek Cattle Company, join me Tomorrow night at 8 PM CST as I’ll be chatting with Reece over on RodeoChat on Twitter! To stay up to date with Reece, and what he’s doing at the Wolf Creek Cattle Ranch follow him on some of his favorite Social Media sites:

Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/100366781723720007907/posts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wolfcreekbulls

Facebook (Wolf Creek Cattle Ranch) : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wolf-Creek-Cattle-Co-LLC/140525586089049?fref=ts

Hope all of my friend’s had a fabulous Christmas with their loved one’s this Holiday Season! May all your dream’s come true in 2013!

– Paige Gregory



Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/108226477716652086803/posts



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