#MusicMonday – Abel Tesfaye ( The Weeknd )

This PAST weekend all I listened to was The Weeknd. When me and my sister were heading to town, guess who we were rocking out to? The Weeknd.

I just can’t get enough of..

Abel Tesfaye

Born: February 16, 1990

Stage Name: The Weeknd

Abel (A.K.A – The Weeknd) Is a Canadian born R&B Recording Artist / Record Producer from Ontario, Canada!

YouTube, What can I say about you? You’re an amazing site that makes people’s careers/dreams come true! Thanks to you  YouTube You made Abel’s career explode in Flames in 2011! Abel, Posted his music on YouTube in 2011 under an unknown name called “The Weeknd” . In March of 2011 Abel decided to release a 9 track CD for free to his fans called “House Of Balloons” .  November 13, 2012 Abel Tesfaye The Weeknd released a compalation album called “The Trilogy”  with Universal Republic Records. Ever since Abel released “Trilogy” he has been getting great reviews from today’s media:

Songbird Of His Generation – The Source

The Best Musical Talent Since Michael Jackson – MTV John Norris

Most of you know Drake whose been working with Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj quite a bit lately.. Well, now you can add Abel Tesfaye to his roster! Drake helped Abel music career explode on Twitter, and now Abel has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, MTV NEWS, and MuchMusicNews.  Here’s the track Drake was FT. on with Abel:

If your following me on Twitter ( @21RockinCowgirl) I had posted a fun fact earlier about  Abel Record label. And, here is the answer/truth..


Wanna know what XO really stands for? No it doesn’t stand for hugs and kisses anymore folk’s.. XO is Abel Tesfaye record label. So the next time you see XO think of Abel Tesfaye A.K.A The Weekend 😉

P.S – Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones & Family! I just want to send a shout out and Thanks to YouTube, Google, Google +, Twitter, Facebook, StageIt,  Ustream, Myspace for making such GREAT/AMAZING/UNIQUE artists dreams come true! Thanks to all the amazing social media sites for letting great artist’s post there work on the sites so their fans (Like me) can listen to/watch.

 -“Cheers” to this amazing #MusicMonday –


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