#MusicMonday – Brandon Jenkins

I’m that girl who doesn’t hate Monday’s.. Why? Well, because Monday’s are #MusicMonday’s to me! I get to listen to music all day, and work! Can’t get any better than that can it? Nope, I don’t think so 🙂

Any who, I’m gonna introduce yall to one of my FAVORITE red dirt / Texas Country artists.. Ready?

Over 6 feet tall, Shaved Head, Tattoos blazing

Singer – Songwriter – Red Dirt Legend


Genre: Rock. Blues. Soulful. Poetic. Rowdy. Fun

Brandon Jenkins, is not a typical artist you see every day in the music scene! In fact, he has worked his you know what off to finally get noticed in today’s music industry!  Brandon, had his first record deal in 1994 with Alabama Label Raney Records. Had a great couple years of  touring the country, and performing at the hottest country dance hall’s. Then, one day the label tried to change him and make him a hat act (meaning they wanted him to be a longhaired cowboy hat/trucker hat act). But, that wasn’t Brandon Jenkins style.

In 1995, Brandon left the label and signed with manager R.C. Bradley who works with Dwight Yoakum, and Jim Lauderdale!  Spring came along, and Brandon decided to finally make the move to Nashville.. But, guess what? Thing’s didn’t work out as planned either!

Everywhere I went they told me the same thing; that I had a great voice but I didn’t have the right look, or my song was too risqué.

Year, and a half passes by and Brandon Jenkins decides he’s heading back to Oklahoma.. This time he’s going his own route, and doing his own thing!

I decided from here on out I’m going to be myself , and damn the consequences.

Ever since Brandon Jenkins left those labels, and decided to go his own route he has been  sharing the stage with some HUGE heavy hitters for example: Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Robert Earl Keen, John Anderson, Jack Ingram just to name a few! Not only is Brandon a great performer he’s also an EXCELLENT songwriter just a few of the artists that have pinned Brandon songs are: Stoney LaRue, Bleu Edmondson, No Justice!

P.S – All of you Stoney LaRue fan’s out there.. You know that song called ” Feed Don’t Touch The Ground” Well, guess who wrote it? Mhm, Brandon Jenkins wrote it! Here’s the song below for those of you who haven’t heard it yet.. ENJOY 🙂

For everyone out there that is either struggling, or trying to make it / chasing your dream DON’T GIVE UP! Everything takes time, and nothing happens over night. The thing’s you work hard for that take longer to achieve mean SO MUCH MORE! Here’s to the dreamers, and the one’s that never give up.. This song’s for you!

(Move it forward 3 minutes to hear “Too Big To Fail” )

*Cheers* To this Music Monday & I hope yall have a wonderful Monday!


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