Cowboy’s Angel (A.K.A) Professional bullfighter – Chuck Swisher

The other day, while i was checking my Facebook and scrolling through my timeline I came across a pretty AWSOME video made my Omega Productions. The video Omega Productions posted is not your every day video you see on social media sites..

Let me introduce you to Professional Bullfighter

Chuck Swisher 

Dover, Oklahoma home of Professional Bullfighter Chuck Swisher. Everyone has their own unique way of getting into something they love. But, Chuck’s way of getting into the Rodeo industry was a bit different. Chuck, decided to follow his father’s footsteps and instead of riding bulls like his Father did he wanted to be a Bullfighter instead. Not only does chuck fight bull’s, but he’s also a freestyle bullfighter! Free Style bullfighting for those of you don’t know is when the bullfighter get’s a certain amount of time in the arena, and shows off his wicked stunts. The more unique moves you make the higher the score you get. Chuck, has reached some amazing accomplishments in his bullfighting career such as:

– First annual Fight for life Lori Webster Freestyle Bullfight Champion

– Fought bulls in Las Vegas at the CBR event

– Challenge Of Champions Champion Freestyle Bullfighter

– International Finals Rodeo Showcase Champion Protection Bullfighter

Still interested in Chuck Swisher? Join me, Paige Gregory on RodeoChat on Twitter this Thursday at 8 PM CST as i’ll be doing a Q&A chat with the man himself Chuck Swisher about the bullfighting industry. Have any interesting questions you would like to know about bullfighting or freestyle bullfighting? You can leave your question in a comment below, or feel free to E-mail me your question at ! I hope to see each, and every one of you Thursday night over on RodeoChat at 8 PM CST! For more info check out: . One more thing, this chat is done on Twitter only . You must have a Twitter account to join in on the chat, and if you’re joining us This Thursday night at 8 PM CST make sure you use the hashtag #RodeoChat so all of the fans can see your questions/answers 🙂

Wanna keep up to date with Chuck Swisher through Social Media? check out his Social media sites:

Twitter: @therealcswish



Or you can keep your eye’s on the lookout as Chuck is fighting bull’s in today’s top Rodeo ASSOC.  PBR – PRCA -CBR


Hope yall have a wonderful day, and I hope to see each and every one of you this Thursday night at 8 PM CST over on RodeoChat on Twitter!

Be there or be square 😉

– Paige Gregory

@RodeoChat @21RockinCowgirl


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