Music Monday Artist; Cody Johnson Band

Cody Johnson Band

I’ve had it up to here

My paychecks done cleared

Now I’ve got everything I need to go and have a good time

And when my day is done you know I’m gonna go find me a little bit of fun

Get hemmed up somewhere with a kiss off tonight

And I’m good and ready for at least a time or two

I’ve heard all the words about the stuff I’m not supposed to do

I never was a Texas Country music fan until a year, and a half ago.. Ever since then I have been listening to Texas Country Music non – stop!

Texas Country: Texas country music (more popularly known just as Texas country or Texas music) is a rapidly growing sub-genre of American country music. Texas country is known for fusing traditionalist root sounds (similar to nontraditional country) with the outspoken, care-free views of outlaw country!

I’m a NEW Texas Country music fan, and a new fan of the Cody Johnson Band. I say new because I have only been listening to the “Cody Johnson Band” for about 3 months now.  Ever since I came across the Cody Johnson Band on YouTube I have been hooked ever since! I have never seen the Cody Johnson band perform live yet.. Well, because I live in a small town in Tennessee and not a lot of Texas Country artist’s come out here and play that much.

As I was reading Cody Johnson’s bio on his website ( I found out some pretty interesting information.. Did you know that Cody Johnson worked for the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice in Huntsville supervising prison inmates before he took his singing career seriously? Yeah, me either we learn something new everyday about our favorite artists. Cody Johnson’s latest album “Six Strings, One Dream” had a couple great charting songs with ” Texas Kind Of Way” that landed #6 on the Texas Charts along with “Pray For Rain” that hit #1 and “Nobody To Blame” #6!


But, there’s more to it folks.. The Cody Johnson Band wears my favorite kind of jeans! Can you guess what brand? Ha ha! Yes, it would be Wrangler’s.. I mean, do you blame me? 😉

Check out this new Wrangler 20x video with Cody Johnson

If I had to choose one of my favorite “Cody Johnson” songs it would probably be this one..

I hope y’all have had a great Music Monday,  until next time.. Keep Rockin on!


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