RodeoChat Interview: 11 Questions with PRCA Bareback Rider Kyle Charley

Upcoming PRCA Bareback Rider, Kyle Charley takes some time out of his day to do an interview with me on RodeoChat. I had a blast talking to Charley about his summer Rodeo run, and what it’s like being a first generation Bareback Rider in his family! You can read my FULL interview with Kyle by scrolling below:

Question 1: Out of all the roughstock events out there. What made you stick with bareback riding?

Kyle Charley: I started with bulls, but then the excitement and challenges bareback has on your body is what I wanted.

Question 2: Interesting! When did you start riding bulls, and when did you decide to hang up bulls and head to bareback riding scene?

Kyle Charley: I started around 7 years old with calves then bulls when I turned 15. Once I knew I can do it in bareback and not much luck in the bull riding and all of my family saw that my strongpoint was bareback so I stuck with it. Not only that ive given it a try once and it all felt natural to me, from then on I went to bareback school with world champ, Deb Greenough.

Question 3: What was the hardest thing you had to learn about in bareback riding that took some time getting used too?

Kyle Charley: The jerking and pain that comes along with it especially when I climb down on 3 or more horses.

Question 4: In your opinion, do you think it’s better to get on a lot of practice horses during the week vs. One practice horse a week?

Kyle Charley: I like to stick to the safe side riding spur board but again I’ll get on at least 1-3 horses a week which helps a lot. Because you still have to be healthy for the next up coming rodeos without being banged up.

Question 5: What can you do to help keep the bareback riding industry alive and maybe help it grow further into mainstream?

Kyle Charley: Showing the fun side of bareback riding, and giving the opportunity to help others who find interest in it. When I have the time to teach and help the young up comers. Rodeos a family sport and that’s bareback too, everyone becomes family helping out.

Question 6:  Exactly! How many years have had your PRCA card, and what was the very first PRCA event you have ever entered?

Kyle Charley: I’m a new upcomer, and its my 2nd year with PRCA, only my 5th year with this career to. My first PRCA event was Lubbock TX 2014.

Question 7: Exciting!!! How many PRCA events have you won, and where were these events at?

Kyle Charley: Last year was tough only placing in 3 shows. After an injury this year I came back winning Buckeye Az pro rodeo and placing in 3 more other events. But this year will be good to me.

Question 8: I can only imagine. Let’s talk about how a rookie like yourself makes it on the PRCA trail for your first year. How hard was it to stay out on the trail, and hit up rodeo, after rodeo trying to chase that dream of making the NFR?

Kyle Charley: Dedication and motivation as well as the first in my family to go that far and keep striving. It is pretty hard with the little support I have and I thank my mom who supports me through it all. But I don’t let that stop me. It’s tough but theirs sacrifices we have to make to fulfill our dreams. A lot of the time I’m traveling alone and tight on funds.

Question 9: What kind of advice can you give to the rodeo cowboys/cowgirls that may be the first in their family to start rodeoing?

Kyle Charley: Keep your heads up no matter how rugged the road or situations you get in, god always has a plan for the best outcome in y’all. Practice your mindset, practice, your physical fitness, and always have FUN. No matter what event you do.

Question 10: Have you started your summer run yet? If so, where do you plan on riding at this summer?

Kyle Charley: I got them lined out yes, all will be in my circuit area to win the circuit year but for the next month I will be in Oklahoma. This coming weekend following along with Texas rodeos. I ride on the Turquoise.

Question 11: Is there any sponsors you would like to thank or anything else you would like to add?

Kyle Charley: My late friend Tom Kurowski Double K Diamond Photo and his wife Catherine K. Who I dedicate this year to for their help. Shout out to my mother as well and all the family and friends who show their support in believing me I can go on. Also – thank you for this interview hope it was enough, and I wish everyone safety and protection with god and follow your dreams.

Fan Questions –

Cowboy Coffee: Mr. Charley, Appreciate your time! What is the one thing you appreciate most about being a Cowboy?

Kyle Charley: I love the fact is it’s a fun game and freedom and working hard at everyday in the country. It’s a part of life that I grew up in being around cattle rodeos horses and the open ranges.

Cowboy Coffee: Mr. Charley, If you were to describe yourself in one word what would that one word be?

Kyle Charley: Underdog.

Cowboy Coffee: Mr. Charley, what is your biggest Dream & where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Kyle Charley: To make the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as a native american in the bareback. 20 year from now, helping others achieve their goals, being a sportsmed doc. And owning a ranch of bucking horses.

Haden Roberts: While on the road what kind of budget are you on?

Kyle Charley: A very tight budget I have, all goes to gas, fees, and what’s left to eat on haha. Because it’s just me.

Haden Roberts: What’s some of your work out routines to stay in shape?

Kyle Charley: Lots of cardio and crossfit training, 2xs a week strength training, lots of stretching, most of all  I try to get 800+ situps in.

Cowboy Coffee: Mr. Charley, What do you do for fun/hobbies outside of the rodeo cowboy scene?

Kyle Charley: I love the outdoors, riding horses or breaking colts. Fishing, hiking, leathercrafting belts I enjoy now as well.

Paige Gregory


RodeoChat Interview: 13 Questions With Spur’s The Word Apparel


RodeoChat Interview: The Man Behind Spur’s The Word Apparel – Cody Stowe

Question 1: First and for most, you were a bull rider first before you jumped into the fashion world! How did bull riding inspire you to start Spur’s The Word Apparel?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes I rode for several years. Started at 4. I wanted to stay involved with rodeo and the motto was used by my dad growing up!

Question 2: Your way of staying involved in rodeo is a little big different.. What made you choose the fashion side of it vs. putting on Rodeo schools?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Well my dad originally sold the first Spur’s The Word Apparel shirt in the 80’s. I knew there was a market for it!

Question 3: Wow! So your dad kind of started the line first, and you decided to carry it on down the line?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes! I felt if I revamped it could be a big hit!

Question 4: How did you revamp the line from what it was like in the 80’s?

Spur’s The Word Apparel:  I went after a more modern look! Huge difference.


Question 5: You sure did. From your experience n the bull riding world what did you learn from it that you put to the fashion industry?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Stubborn headedness! Lol. It’s tough starting any business so you have to be all in and keep your eye on the goal.

Question 6: Exactly! It’s two separate industry’s as well. What’s your demographic on your clothing line? Also, have you had to change the ways you were marketing your line before you found out about your demographic to meet their standards?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: You know it’s really all over right now! That’s the learning process I’m having to go through right now.

Question 7: Right! What’s one market your trying to get attention in with your clothing line? Ex. Bull Riding, Bareback Riding, SB?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Bull Riding!!! Keep it close to home! I loved bringing the boom in my days and gotta get it to those guys who rep!

Question 8: Awesome! Definitely don’t blame you there. You also just announced a new bull rider on your team. Correct?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes! We are very excited to add Shea Russell to the team! He seems to have a great future ahead of him. I love that he supports Breast Cancer awareness. Something that hits close to the heart with him.

Question 9: But in reality.. I feel like Spur’s The Word Apparel can relate to everyone. I mean, you gotta spur your way to make it. Right?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Very well said! You have figured out the deepest of meanings! Lol. You are correct and I believe the style is for all.

Question 10: Besides the clothing line.. You have also helped out at Rodeo Schools to help the young guy’s coming up in the ranks. Tell us more Info about the school’s you help out at and the young bull riders that you’re helping out today.

Spur’s The Word Apparel: I have taught for someone at a couple Rodeo Schools and have worked individually with guys. it means so much to help them because I didn’t have a lot of guidance and mentorship as a young adult.

Question 11: Do you think that bull riders today should have mentors to help guide them in the right direction on the bull riding trail?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Absolutely! With out guidance the people fail! In anything it is important.

Question 12: With that being said.. What’s next for you and Spur’s The Word Apparel?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Possibly getting into our first store! I believe that is our next big step and possibilities have been presented.

Question 13: Last Question.. Are you guy’s going to create any new shirts or hats for this summer?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: I plan to bring back the original as a worn out and faded Americana Tee! I have had a lot of request!

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder

RodeoChat Interview: 7 Questions with Professional Bull Rider Justin Granger


Get to know PBR bull rider – Justin Granger

RodeoChat: Rodeo runs deep in your family. Your family has reached a lot of success. But, you have also reached a lot of success as well. What’s one highlight that you’ve reached that no one else in your family has done?

Justin Granger: Yes rodeo does run in my family. My father(Teddy Granger) rode bulls so does my uncle(Terrance Granger). Yes, I’ve been blessed with success. An I thank the Lord. I’d say making my appearance at the PBR Built Ford Tough Series.

RodeoChat: When was your first PBR appearance? And what was it like riding on the PBR BFTS?

Justin Granger: My first BFTS appearance was Albuquerque NM 2011. It was a dream come true. I was pretty darn nervous but I did my best to stay calm an have fun. But i didn’t do to good that weekend. Sure was a great experience with the top riders that year.

RodeoChat: Now you have your own bull riding invitational coming up this Saturday in Tuba City, AZ. What’s it like having an invitational?

Justin Granger: Its great. It’s my first year having a invite. But years before it was just an open BullRiding. So they’ll be a lot of young talent this Saturday. That’ll match up against some rank bulls from WarPony Bucking Bulls.

RodeoChat: What are your plans for this summer? Has your summer run already started?

Justin Granger: My plans are to hit as many PBR events an get points to make finals. And I’ll also hit INFR tour rodeos. My summer run will start next month. It’ll be a busy summer once again.


RodeoChat: What’s one record you want to break in the bull riding industry?

Justin Granger: Be a PBR World Champion. A lot of work ahead of me.

Fan Question sent in from – Patrick Chee: What TCBB Food do you eat before every bull riding?

Justin Granger: It is a HotDog. They say it makes you win. Must be true because one of us end up winning. Ha ha

Fan Question sent in from – Cowboy Coffee Chew: How old were you when you Bucked your first Bull and how did you get started?

Justin Granger: My first open bull I got on, I was 12 years old. I started riding when I was 4 yrs old. It was a calf. After that calf ride I than started riding sheep… Then it just went on from there.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder

RodeoChat Interview: 15 Questions with PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider Jace Angus

This week, I had a request from Dare To Be A Cowboy to schedule an interview with PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, Jace Angus! Your wish is my command. Here is my interview with the one, and only Jace Angus:

RodeoChat: Hello Jace! How’s it going? What state are you in today?

Jace Angus: I am currently home in Stephenville, Tx and leaving Wednesday for Logan dale NV prca rodeo.

RodeoChat: Last we talked you were working in NY. What made you move to TX and what are you doing in TX? Working?

Jace Angus: I made the move here too be closer to bigger rodeos and my traveling partners, I am riding a few horses and day working.

RodeoChat: What bigger rodeos in TX did you ride in/going to this year, and who are you traveling with this year?

Jace Angus: Texas is pretty much middle of everywhere for us and will be going to everything we can, Jesse James Kirby, and Joe Harper.

RodeoChat: How hard is it to find a group of guy’s to travel with that have the same goals as you?

Jace Angus: hard to say, it’s as hard as you make it I guess, but having same goals and ambition is def a key to be gone and win and fun!

RodeoChat: I’ve seen some pictures of you helping out at a couple of schools recently. How important is to help out the up a coming guy’s?

Jace Angus: Yes I been doing few prca rodeo camps and other schools, I think it’s very important to help youth to keep our sport alive.

RodeoChat: I heard the other day that You have teamed up with Dare To Be A Cowboy! What’s it like working with them?

Jace Angus: It’s amazing, great people and I am very lucky to be a part of a group that wants to help so many people!!!

RodeoChat: How do you stay so fit and ready for the next one? Do you have a certain workout routine?

Jace Angus: Lots of running and gym time when can, I do the seal grinder workouts and also stay in martial arts helps a bunch, eat right.

RodeoChat: How important is it to stay fit as a Saddle Bronc Rider? What would you recommend the younger Generation to do to stay fit for the next one.

Jace Angus: It’s one of the most important to stay fit and limber, helps recovery and also makes your career longer!

RodeoChat: So have you started planning your summer run yet? Also, when does your summer run actually start?

Jace Angus: Yes, we have our game plan. Around June will start our summer run.

RodeoChat: Where are you kicking off your summer run this Year?

Jace Angus: Oh not sure what one we will start the summer run, northwest most likely.

RodeoChat: In your opinion, do you think Saddle Bronc riding is getting more recognition now then it did before?

Jace Angus: Yes to an extent. I Think slowly it is with the social media and televised coverage it’s starting to.

Fan Question From Pick A Rank One: Do you have a horse you have been bucked off that is on your list to conquer?

Jace Angus: Haha yes there are quite a few lol!!!

Fan Question from Bobby Lehr: As far as the actual ride goes such as your mark out or lifting on the rein what did you find most challenging?

Jace Angus: Hmmmm… Prolly lifting was the challenge from riding colts.

Fan Question from Jack Wright: But you don’t go to Calgary Alberta or rapid city “big money rodeos”?

Jace Angus: Had not been to canada yet, but yes we go to rapid. We will hit ,any gold and silver rodeos as we can.

Fan Question From Jack Wright: Do you rodeo out of your circuit?? How many rodeos a year do you go to?

Jace Angus: Yes I do I claimed tx as my circuit, but go everywhere also, we get 100 rodeos to count towards world standings.

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder RodeoChat

RodeoChat Interview: 12 Questions with Professional Bull Rider Patrick Chee


With the Justin Granger Invitational just a few weeks away I thought I would shine the light on his traveling partner, Patrick Chee this week! Patrick, travels with Justin to many PBR events and INFR events all over the world! To learn more about Patrick. Please check out my interview with Patrick Below:

Rodeo Chat: Where were you when you saw Bull Riding for the first time? Also, after seeing bull riding for the first time.. Did you pick up bull riding right away or give other rodeo events a shot?

Patrick Chee: I am a second generation bull rider.. My Dad rode bulls so I was around the sport ever since I can remember.. I grew up around livestock and animals so every chance I got to get on something I would.. My parents wouldn’t let me enter a rodeo until I brought home a straight A report card.. So once I got my ducks in a row I finally was able to enter my first rodeo when I was 6 yrs old and I have been hooked ever since! I never gave any other rodeo events any interest but I always enjoy watching Team Roping, Bareback and Saddle Bronc..

RodeoChat: Do any other members in your family rodeo?

Patrick Chee: I do have relatives that rodeo at the collegiate and professional levels (barrel racing, calf roping, team roping).. It’s nice when we can come together during the holidays and all get caught up, meanwhile we’re all chasing our individual dreams..

RodeoChat: You’re a Rodeo Cowboy that rides in several different assocs. How do you manage to ride in so many assocs? Does it make it harder to reach that goal you’re trying for or is it easier?

Patrick Chee: The past 3 years I have focused on managing one association and that’s been with the PBR.. It was not until this year that I have ventured out and got my INFR tour card.. All my traveling partners have been going to the INFR in Vegas so I figure I need to get with the program. It does get hard to manage multi-associations, you have to plan long in advanced, remember call in dates and times, and manage a good travel arrangement.. It can get a little cumbersome and stressful indeed!

FullSizeRender (1)

RodeoChat: You’re sponsored by a Company Called War Pony. Tell us a little bit about War Pony, and how you picked up that sponsor?

Patrick Chee: War Pony Land & Energy LLC is certified Native American energy industrial business  based out of North Dakota owned by Ron Brugh. War Pony also is making a name for themselves in the bucking bull industry through War Pony Bucking Bulls.. Look for big things from War Pony as they are committed to helping rodeo athletes to be successful at the top-tier levels.

RodeoChat: Not a lot of people may know this.. But you were actually featured in a music video recently called ” TCBB Gold Buckle Dreams” . Was this your first feature in a music video? If so, how did it feel? Also, for the folks that haven’t heard of the song before.. Maybe give them some info on what the song’s about and what TCBB means.

Patrick Chee: TCBB (Tuba City Bad Boys) Gold Buckle Dreams was a highlight reel from the end of 2014. My traveling partners and I spend a lot of time in Tuba City Arizona which is home to the Granger family. They have given many of us the opportunity to train together, get coaching, and take our riding to the next level. We all travel together and have formed quite the family bond. That video was a compilation of highlights from my TCBB teammates and I.. If you have a chance head on over to YouTube and check it out (TCBB Gold Buckle Dreams) :

RodeoChat: When I first heard about you on the bull riding trail the first thing I did was follow you on Instagram. I looked at all of your photos and watched your bull riding videos. I must say that you definitely stand out from the rest of the bull riders today. Do you think that it is more important to stand out in the bull riding industry and setting your own trail Vs. Blending in and going with the pack?

Patrick Chee: I don’t think is important to necessarily “stand-out”.. I’ve never been the type of person to be very outspoken but ever since I was a child I was inspired by a quote from Bruce Lee which says; “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it”.. So when it comes to representing myself via social media I try to be as private as I can while still honestly expressing myself.. So to answer your question I think there is a happy medium between the two.

RodeoChat: One Indian Rodeo Cowboy you have been traveling a lot with is Justin Granger. What’s it like Traveling with Justin? Do you always travel to Bull Ridings and Rodeos with Justin Granger or do you have other Bull Riding and Rodeo partners that you travel with as well?

Patrick Chee: Traveling with Justin Granger (J31) is great. We’ve been traveling for quite a while now and we’ve got the same ambitions when it comes to things we want to accomplish in our time with the sport. We also travel with Hernald John, Lane Granger, Wyatt Betoney, Andy Sells, Ryan Sellers, & our coach Teddy G.. So we definitely have a packed vehicle whenever we’re on the road but it’s always a great time and a group of guys that can ride really good always helps us to elevate our game.

RodeoChat: In my opinion the bucking bulls today have gotten a lot tougher. If you could describe the bucking bulls to back when you started riding bulls to today.. How would you describe it?

Patrick Chee: I have always been the type of guy to get on rank bulls, from practice to the real deal. The way I see it if you want to be among the best, you have ridden the best. That means taking it to the best bulls.. Don’t get me wrong there are those times when you need to take a step back and get things right on some tuner bulls. But for me, my comfort level really needs to be among the rank pen. This allows me to keep my expectations high and take no days off..

RodeoChat: One title that you received recently is the 2014 Navajo Nation Fair Champion! What was it like receiving that title? Was that one of the biggest titles you’ve ever won?

Patrick Chee: Winning the NNFR was big, not because of the money but because of the integrity and history of the NNFR. Every year that rodeo gets a huge turn out with some of the rodeos biggest names. So to put out a win there was very meaningful for me and it’s something I’ll always be proud of.. I also won the 2014 International Indian Nation Finals Rodeo World Championship in October.


RodeoChat: Earlier you mentioned that you will be riding at the Justin Granger Invitational. I noticed that the Justin Granger Invitational April 18th is an open event. What’s it like riding at an open event vs. a card event?

Patrick Chee: Some of the bigger bull ridings that go on around the Navajo Nation have the potential to be just as good as a card event. The caliber of bulls at this event will definitely be card event caliber; as a matter of fact War Pony Bucking Bull (which is the official contractor) have bucked many of their bulls at PBR events last season. The rider caliber is of the same nature, the crowd will also see some of the young guns that are not old enough to ride at card events but definitely will create waves when they are of age.. Tuba City is definitely a Mecca for rodeo and bull riding so I look for Justin’s event to be a huge success.

RodeoChat: Where can your fans, and your new fans that are reading this post see you at in 2015? Do you have any rodeos and bull riding set in stone that you can announce yet?

Patrick Chee: I will be going to PBRs and INFR Tour Rodeos all year-long.. In the coming weeks we are expected to be in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Texas..

RodeoChat: One of your fans came up to you at a bull riding. This young fan was a bull rider.. He happened to have a bad out and almost gave up on his bull riding dreams. What kind of bull riding advice would you give this young fan, and maybe to the rest of the bull riders out there that are struggling and not covering their bull for 8 right now.

Patrick Chee: This sport (a lot like life) is not meant to be easy and it can break you down. It’s a constant struggle, with high risk and high rewards. But perseverance, resiliency, and faith during those trying and tested times will define you. So go out and be great and keep faith. If it is to be, then it shall be.

Paige Gregory

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RodeoChat Interview: 13 Questions with Julianne Hutchins

When you hear the words “Rodeo” and “Chat” doesn’t it make you wonder? Check out my interview with up and coming team roper and breakaway roper, Julianne Hutchins:

Question 1: First off, How’d you get introduced into the roping world?

Julianne Hutchins: I was fortunate to have an amazing step dad Russell Funk come into my life at age of 9 and he ropes really well.

Question 2: When you saw your step dad rope for the first time.. What was the first thing that came to mind?

Julianne Hutchins: I couldn’t wait to try that! I wanted to be the best I could be at it! So he took the time to rope the dummy with me everyday before and after work!

Question 3: At what age did you pick up your first rope, and begin competing at rodeos/jackpots?

Julianne Hutchins: I was 9 when I picked up my first rope and entered my first Jr. rodeo. I was on the best heel/ breakaway horse anyone could ask for! I went to Fallon Jr Rodeo in Fallon Nv and WON my first buckle! It was at a Speed Williams clinic my parents put on and from there Russell told me I could start going to jackpots. After that I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to go to the next one! Then when I was about 11 I headed and turned my first steer.

Question 4: What horses do you take with you to your rodeos/jack pots these days?

Julianne Hutchins: My fiancé bought me a head/heel horse that I take everywhere! I cant ask for a better one! His name is Bendy.

Quesiton 5: Awesome! So is Bendy a Quarter horse Or?

Julianne Hutchins: Yes ma’am. He’s a quarter horse he’s a grey with what looks like paint markings only on his right shoulder.

Question 6: How many horses do you usually take with you on the road? Do you recommend that ropers should bring backup horses?

Julianne Hutchins: I only have one right now but if I had another good one I’d take two or three depending on how many I’m going to run. I did notice when I had 2 horses some heelers like to heel behind one better than the other so I would accommodate them. I would suggest always bringing 2 just in case it may not be the right set up for one horse but the other works great! But only if you feel real comfortable on both of them

Question 7: How many roping events do you compete at during the weekends, and do you also compete during the week as well?

Julianne Hutchins: I turn 21 this year so I can’t wait to start going to some World Series Ropings. Being down in Texas has opened up a lot more roping opportunities they are mostly on Fridays through Sunday’s so far but I rope everyday training rope horses.

Question 8:  Do you think that PRCA will let girls enter the team ropings, tie-down roping, and steer roping events one day?

Julianne Hutchins: I sure hope so I think there are ladies who do those events that are pretty wicked. It would step up the sport of women’s team roping and tie down roping

Question 9: What do you think it’s going to take to make that happen?

Julianne Hutchins: I think it would take enough girls that rope at that level to voice their opinion.

Question 10: Right! So what kind of gear do you use to make a perfect run at an roping event? Ex. Ropes, halters etc.

Julianne Hutchins: I have a really nice custom halter with my horses name on it so no one can take it lol I use professional choice front and back boots to keep him protected. Also pro choice bell boots. I use a Lone Star head rope and fast back heel ropes. I have pink crooked stirrups and a nice saddle. I am currently not sponsored by anyone but those are my necessities to completing good runs.

Question 11: Tell us a story about one of your roping events that was a highlight to you and make your roping career take off.

Julianne Hutchins: I was roping in the Mix roping at ACTRA Nationals in Reno and I made 1st high call by 2 seconds it was 1 in the morning when they called my name. I backed in the box and nodes my head and I scored good rode hard and made an 8 second run and we won the roping. It taught me that hard work pays off and having the mental focus to go catch a lay-up steer. Also I had the fastest time heeling at the Perry D Loretto All Girl roping for the entire roping with a 6.5.

Question 12:  Holy Smokes! That’s super late. Do you prefer entering in the early or late roping events?

Julianne Hutchins: For me personally I love early mornings when it’s still a little chilly outside my horse feels good and so do my ropes but when they go late so do I! More teams the better more teams more money 🙂

Question 13: What’s summer of 2015 look like? Any events confirmed that we need to know about?

Julianne Hutchins: Not right now! But I’m on the hunt for some World Series and possible the Perry D All Girl!

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder, RodeoChat

Cookeville, TN

RodeoChat Interview: 15 Questions with Canadian Bareback Rider Mike Solberg

When I found out Kimes Ranch Jeans was doing an International Sponsorship contest I knew right away that I needed to set up an interview with one of the contestants. The first contestant that I saw on the list was a bareback rider from Canada. Since I have a huge following in Canada, and a big fan of bucking horses I thought why not set up an interview with Mike Solberg! Here it is folks.. My interview with Canadian Bareback Rider, Mike Solberg! I hope you all enjoy:

Question 1: How did the Rodeo industry get into your blood?

Mike Solberg: My pa used to ride bareback horses & bulls, he took me everywhere when we were kids and I wanted to be like him.

Question 2: That’s amazing! So, did you give bull riding a shot before you took on bareback riding full-time?

Mike Solberg: Yea I rode bulls in high school and amateur I used to love it, until I got stepped on and broke my cheek that kind of put a kibosh on that, I used to love it more than riding bareback horses.

Question 3: Wow! That’s interesting.. So what did you get on first bulls or horses? In high school did you compete in both Bareback Riding An Bull Riding?

Mike Solberg: I actually got on both the same night lol, I competed in all three rough stock in high school.

Question 4:  You’re a rare breed! Not very many folks do all 3 roughstock events anymore.. What made you decide to do all 3 in Highschool?

Mike Solberg: I’m not too sure actually, I loved getting on bulls, I’d get on 4 or 5 in practice and one buckin horse, then one day i said to heck with it I wanna try broncs too cuz a buddy of mine did, so I more or less did it for fun.

Question 5: True! You never know unless you try. At what age did you hit the professional level?

Mike Solberg: That’s so true! I rode novice bareback until I was 20 then I think it was 2005 I bought my card and decided to try out the big the big leagues, I had my permit earlier and was entering everything I could when I turned 18. 

Question 6: Hitting the big shows means being farther from home.. At what point in time did you decide your ready to travel?

Mike Solberg: Ha ha I was already kind of gone after high school I went to Texas for a year for college and transferred to North Dakota, so I went pretty much everywhere I could without missing too much school LOL.

Question 7: Wow! So, at that time how were on the road pretty much all the time.. How did you make it? Did you win every event?

Mike Solberg: Ha Ha I wouldn’t say that, but I definitely paid for a lot of my college ventures, I remember I made a bunch out of rapid city and a bunch out of Strathmore when i was 18 or 19 so I pretty much was living the high life in college lol.

Question 8: If you could give any bareback rider advice that’s wanting to hit the road hard & travel farther away. What would you tell them?

Mike Solberg: Oh man that’s a toughy, I’d say hit the gym as much as possible, you don’t want to be sore after one horse, and always no matter what stay positive, there’s going to be tough times but if you work hard you will achieve your goal.

Question 9: Those are some great words of advice! But, you have competed at some of the BIGGEST rodeos in Canada! Talk about the Calgary Stampede and the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Mike Solberg: When you get to the CFR It’s like a breath of fresh air, it’s like this is what you have been working towards the whole year and now its’ time to ride tough, you’re fresh and feeling good and you feel like you could spur anything down, it’s like all of your friends and neighbors are watching you and all you want to do is show them how good you are. Calgary on the other hand is just crazy! You’re riding with the top guys in the world, and all the people there is nuts, all you want to do is show those guys you deserve to be there.

Question 10: But, to get to the Calgary Stampede and the Canadian Finals Rodeo it  took A LOT of work! What kind of workouts/hard work/ motivation did it take?

Mike Solberg: When you’re home all winter feeding cows you get out of shape, so I started going to my neighbors gym and started doing core workouts to lose weight and get fast, I was always getting hurt so I needed to get stronger & more flexible. 

Question 11: What’s the best bucking horse you’ve been on?

Mike Solberg: Grated Coconut of Calgary Stampede is definitely the first one that comes to mind. Haha

Question 12: Do you like getting on John Duffy stock? What’s your favorite horse of Duffy’s?

Mike Solberg: Oh 4 sure, I’d have to say tweety bird and blue jeans, I won Williams lake on those horses 2 years in a row.

Question 13: How do you spur your buckin horses that you ride? Ex. Style of spurring.

Mike Solberg:  I just focus on setting my feet hard, when the horse sends your feet I try to keep my spurs touching all the way up (drag)… Then when that little dinger goes off in your head I send my feet 2 the front as fast as i can, pa used to tell me that.

Question 14: What are your goals for 2015, and what’s your next event you’ll be competing at?

Mike Solberg: My goals this year are trying to make the finals in as little rodeos as possible, I own a ranch with my wife so that keeps us busy, but I’ve been working out harder than ever so I wanna come in no. 1 and win the finals this year.

Question 15: You are entered in the Kimes Ranch Jeans International contest. How would you market them/rep their clothes if you won?

Mike Solberg: I’d not only wear their clothing everywhere, and promote at rodeos but I’d promote them at home for ranchwear they look like a well-built jean, and that’s what guys/gals want, I’d promote through twitter, my wife would wear their stuff and show that there is another jean out there for cowboys.

Question 16: Where do you see the bareback riding industry in the next 5 years?

Mike Solberg: I’ve went to Jake Vold’s rodeo school this winter and the future is looking bright up here, with social media and promoters like yourself that bring the competitors closer to the fans I could see it getting huge! 

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder, RodeoChat

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RodeoChat Interview: 12 Questions with Professional Bullfighter Judd Napier

IMG_20150228_170937 (1)

Judd Napier, was born and raised in Hawaii. But, One day he woke up and decided that he wanted to move too Colorado and chase his bullfighting dreams. Here is my interview with Judd Napier, and what you can expect from Judd this year down the bullfighting trail..

Question 1: You’re a guy from Hawaii that happens to have Rodeo in your blood. How in the world did that happen?

Judd Napier: Not a lot of people know this, but the western lifestyle is actually a huge part of Hawaii.

Question 2: Wow! I didn’t realize that till now. So what are the huge Western lifestyle events over in Hawaii?

Judd Napier: Along with all your regular rodeo events, we have our “Hawaii’s own” events called Po’o Wai U and Double Mugging.

Question 3: When time came to change locations & chase your bullfighting dreams.. You chose Colorado. Why CO Vs. TX and Ok?

Judd Napier: I’ve always wanted to spend time in CO. God opened up doors for me to be here. I went to school in OK and KS so I had a taste of what was there.

Question 4: How has living in CO helped chase your bullfighting dreams even further?

Judd Napier: It’s almost central. A lot of my rodeos have been either in this state rodeo the states surrounding. Makes for short drives.

Question 5: Don’t you think that if you lived in OK or TX and networked with all the top bullfighters/Rodeos/Bull ridings you’d be farther in your bullfighting career?

Judd Napier: It might help me, but honestly, I put my trust in God above all else. He’s gotten me this far. He’ll get me where i need to be.

Question 6: Very true! You mentioned that you learned a lot from Wacey Munsell. What was it like working with Wacey?

Judd Napier: Me and Wacey went to college together. He’s one reason I got started fighting. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. Its fun working with guys that fight the same style as you. Makes it look easier.

Question 7: What are some things Wacey Munsell tought you that made you wanna follow his bullfighting footsteps?

Judd Napier: It’s a lot of team work and trust in your partner. Knowing you can rely on each other makes it a blast!

Question 8: What are some of the highlights you have reached so far in your professional bullfighting career?

Judd Napier: In 2013 Weston Rutkowski and I were the top two bullfighters at the stock sale in Vegas. Both receiving a buckle. Also, being invited to the world championship bullfights in Ardmore, OK is a highlight of its own.

Question 9: What’s one thing you struggle with as a bullfighter today that People May not know about?

Judd Napier: Last year during freestyles I fought my head a lot. Preparing yourself mentally is a huge part of what we do in the arena.

Question 10: Which do you prefer.. Freestyle or Protection Match? And why? Lol.

Judd Napier: I love protection, but freestyle has made me so much better. Not a lot of people think it helps, but it does.

Question 11: What are some of your bullfighting/protection matches that you have coming up next?

Judd Napier: I’ll be at Hunter Jones bullfighter on March 21. I’m really looking forward to it!

Question 12: What are your goals for the rest of the year? Anything exciting that we should know about?

Judd Napier: My goal is to win every bullfight I enter this year. Especially the World Championships Bullfights in Ardmore.

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder, RodeoChat

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RodeoChat Interview: Cord McCoy

My guest on RodeoChat this week was the one and only, Cord McCoy! Some of you know of Cord as a bull rider on the PBR Built Ford Tough Series, and on that one TV show called the, Amazing Race. But, did you know that Cord McCoy is now a PRS Commentator and has his own Western Days Festival? That’s right! Check out all the good stuff we talked about by checking out the interview below:


6 Questions with PRS Commentator, Cord McCoy

Question 1: Some People may not know this.. But, you took Bull Riding seriously after bareback and saddle bronc riding first. Why not Bull Riding first?

Cord McCoy: In 2004 I came off the back of a saddle bronc horse and was kicked in the head, crushed my skull so I had to wear a helmet. Started riding again after 8 months of speech/physical therapy made the NFR in 2005, switched to PBR and no buckin horses since

Question 2: Wow! That’s intense! Was this your first time ever wearing a helmet? If so, why didn’t you wear one before?

Cord McCoy:  Well, we didn’t even wear seat belts. We started wearing vest because the best guys started wearing them. Now you wonder why not?

Question 3: Someone came up to you at a bull riding, and mentioned this is their first bull riding event. If they asked you what started bull riding and what got you into it.. What would your response be?

Cord McCoy: When people say it’s their first event I warn them it’s addictive. Next thing you know all the bulls and the Cowboys.

Question 4: How long has it been since you hung up your bull rope? Once, you hung your bull rope up.. What was next?

Cord McCoy: Been two years since I have been on a bull now. Ranching, raising bucking Bulls and riding horses plus a little tv keeps me busy

Question 5: The question that everyone has been asking is.. The Amazing Race! What was it like being on The Amazing Race? Do you think you brought new fans over into the western lifestyle that weren’t in it before?

Cord McCoy: They named it right, it’s AMAZING! Just to think a little Okie like me would ever go around the world 3 times. Oh, I love the Western way of life and enjoy sharing it with folks that don’t know. Pretty cool that Hats are Universal.

Question 6: Congrats on the Western Days Festival! What’s it like having your own Festival? Any hints as to what people can expect at your festival this year?

Cord McCoy: Gonna be so much fun! Western Days, long schedule of western events for four days in 4 different arenas!


Fan Question, Dylan Busselman: What made you want to ride?

Cord McCoy: I’m the 5th of 5 kids. Ride, ranch, and rodeo is what we did. My Heroes have always been Cowboys and still are.

Fan Question, Jeanine Leiting: I want to know if Cord is going to be part of Unfinished business and ride with the other ex-bullriders.

Cord McCoy: I will NOT be riding JW Hart Challenge but I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I’ll take McCoy Ranch bulls to the event though.

Fan Question, Cowboy Coffee Chew: Do you think the bulls are ranker now and that helmets should be mandatory?

Cord McCoy: Lol, hard to tell a cowboy what to do, but I wouldn’t get on another one without a helmet. My kids will wear one.

Fan Question, Cowboy Coffee Chew: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Cord McCoy: Oh man, so much I’m just glad to survive, but yeah, I’d turn around and do it all over again.

Fan Question, what do you do in your downtime or do you have any?

Cord McCoy: Not much down time on the McCoy Ranch, always a long list to get done. Used to joke I only worked 8 seconds a day.

Fan Question, Cowboy Coffee Chew: Since you have retired, what is the SINGLE thing you miss most about being part of the greatest show on DIRT!

Cord McCoy: Ahh, I think you miss the battle and the challenge. You miss the comradery among the riders, they are all family.

Fan Question, Tabatha: My daughter is 12 years old and wants to get into bull riding. What is the biggest advice you would have for her?

Cord McCoy: That’s exciting, some girl is gonna make the PBR Finals someday and maybe it’s her. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Paige Gregory

Owner And Founder


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RodeoChat Interview: RFD-TV The American Fan Exemption Choice, Amberley Snyder


As soon as I heard the news that Amberley Snyder was chosen for The American Fan Exemption choice I knew right away that I needed to get this amazing gal on RodeoChat! Amberley, is SO much fun to chat with and she is just filled with so much kindness! For those of you who are just learning about this amazing Cowgirl or for those that you have, and need some motivation to chase your dreams even harder.. Here is some motivating Q&A for you all.. Enjoy!

11 Questions with Amberley Snyder

Question 1: 2015.. Did you ever think that the year of 2015 would lead you to this much success this early in the year?

Amberley Snyder: I didn’t know what this year would hold! I am thrilled & blessed with how it has already began! Dreams are becoming reality!

Question 2: At what age did you decide that rodeo was your dream? Also, at what age did you start chasing your rodeo dream?

Amberley Snyder: I’ve loved the idea of running barrels as far back as I can remember! My mom used to trace the pattern on my hand! I was able to start riding at 3 and rodeo at 7! I have been addicted since the first time I did it! I continue to chase my rodeo dream each time I go up and alley way at a rodeo!

Question 3: So at age 3.. What horse were you riding then & was this the horse that took you to your very first rodeo at 7?

Amberley Snyder: My first horse was named Lacey! When my family moved from Cali to Utah I told my dad I would only go if he got me a palomino barrel horse! He followed through! That was lacey! In Cali I had a pony named gabby! I would do the barrels (cones) on her! You should know I wanted a pony so I could do everything by myself at 3!

Question 4: True! So, what kind of success did your first pony Lacey take you to? Also, did Gabby take you too any success?

Amberley Snyder: I was just learning to ride on gabby! We won a couple shows! Lacey won me 3 of saddles growing up!! She taught me so much!! She was hot!! So at a young age I learned how to handle and love that. Gotta love mares!

Question 5: You were rodeoing and living the dream. Jan 10th, 2010 things changed. For those that are just now hearing your name and just starting to hear your story.. In 140 Characters or less.. How would you explain it to them?

Amberley Snyder: I was involved in a rollover car accident leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. Definitely a new life challenge!

Question 6: Besides loosing feeling in your legs through the wreck. What was the hardest thing that you had to learn all over again?

Amberley Snyder: Physically my balance is still hard! But patience and tolerance is definitely another challenge!

Question 7: Through the wreck you started giving motivational speeches? What’s it feel like speaking in front of a large crowd  and Motivating them?

Amberley Snyder: Being able to make a difference on a persons life is a huge blessing! If I can help others I am serving my purpose!

Question 8: Absolutely! So how did you get started as a motivational speaker? How many places do you speak at a year?

Amberley Snyder: I started in ffa as a state officer in Utah! It’s just grown from there! I do 2-3 a month while I’m in school!

Question 9: So you’re not only a speaker.. But you’re also a student teacher. With all that going on how do you find time for practice?

Amberley Snyder: I make the time to ride every day! If you love it you make the time 🙂 even if I ride at 1030 at night!

Question 10: I’m a HUGE fan of your wheelchair Wednesday Videos. How did that whole series get started?

Amberley Snyder: I was getting asked how I did things in a chair! I decided it was a way to share pieces of my life each week!

Question 11: Last Question, What’s something totally random about you that maybe no one knows about..

Amberley Snyder: I am a huge movie addict!! The five dollar bin at walmart calls my name every time I’m in there!

Paige Gregory

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