RodeoChat Interview: 6 Questions with Rex Allen Jones


Good Evening RodeoChat Fans! I hope you all have made it back home safely from the NFR in Las Vegas. Now that most of us are back in our homes trying to stay warm.. I thought I’d share an interview I did with Rex Allen Jones. Rex Allen Jones, is the guy that made the book ” Lecile Harris: Not My First Rodeo ” happen! With that being said, check out my interview with Rex Allen Jones Below:

RodeoChat: You have filmed so many documentary’s in your lifetime.. What made you decide to get into the rodeo industry, and write a book about a rodeo clown by the name of Lecile Harris?

Rex Allen Jones: Compelling characters are always important in film. When I read about Lecile in the newspaper, I was absolutely fascinated by him and knew that his story would provide plenty of humor and drama. The end result can be seen here:

RodeoChat: In Lecile Harris’s book, ” This Ain’t My First Rodeo” you mentioned that you were looking for a new film idea. Did you have any that your “Film” idea would turn into a book? Do you think those film clips will be released into a Lecile Harris movie one day?

Rex Allen Jones: I don’t know if anything from the documentary would make it into a feature film, but we would love for somebody to make one from the book. We have had some preliminary interest for the screenplay rights, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

RodeoChat: Some writers prefer writing in the summer time vs. the winter time. Do you have any writing superstitions?

Rex Allen Jones: I personally don’t have any writing superstitions. I do find that when I write, I work best in long periods of uninterrupted time. 

RodeoChat: When you were writing the Autobiography about Lecile Harris what was the easiest thing to write about and the hardest?

Rex Allen Jones: The easiest part was just to let Lecile tell the stories and get out of his way. They didn’t need anything from me to be funny, moving, or interesting. The hardest part was taking 60 years worth of his life in rodeo and putting that in the correct chronological order while ensuring that the stories all flowed together for an easy read. I feel like we did a good job on that.

RodeoChat: Besides meeting Lecile Harris at the rodeo in Memphis. Did you get the chance to travel with Lecile to other rodeos around the world? If so, what was one of your favorite rodeo or state you visited?
Rex Allen Jones: My favorite experience thus far has been doing the book tour with Lecile at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.  I have seen some great events and met many legends of rodeo.
RodeoChat: Now that your done writing the Lecile Harris story. What’s next on your agenda? Another movie or book?
Rex Allen Jones: Lecile and I are kicking around a couple more book ideas, so we hope people will look out for those. In the meantime, they can get a copy of this one from Lecile at one of the many rodeos he works, or on Amazon at the following link:
Paige Gregory
RodeoChat Owner / Founder

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