RodeoChat Interview: PRCA Rodeo Clown, Lecile Harris



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are about 1 hour away from the third round of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Viva Las Vegas! With that being said, I had to interview a rodeo legend that has payed his dues and deserves to have the spotlight shined on him! Here is my interview with 4 x PRCA Rodeo Clown Of The year, and 2007 Inductee of the Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame…



LECILE HARRIS: I’m the Official Cover Clown – not cover girl – of the Exhibitor Guide to the Sands Country Christmas!

Question 1: In the beginning of your book it goes from farming, to football, traveling to different schools, wrestling, bull riding, playing in a band, bullfighting and finally rodeo clowning. How did all of those events that you were involved with lead you into being a rodeo clown that you are today?

Lecile Harris:  I realized early picking cotton and chopping corn and hauling hay wasn’t really a great way to make a living.  I love the game of football but after shoulder injury and not really being heavy enough I was not going to be able to play professional football and after a really good  whipping from a battalion champion in the Marines I decided boxing was not the easiest way to go.  
 I started riding bulls but calls I was fascinated with the sport but being 6’5″ my center of balance was just too tall to be a good bull rider and and started watching the clowns, that’s when I fell in love with fighting bulls.

My music career was advancing pretty fast but I realized there was an awful lot of night hours and partying and felt Rodeo was a healthier route to take. 
when I first started doing bullfighting, you also had to do comedy. It was a requirement so it was a natural for me to go into comedy
when I retired from fighting bulls.
Question 2: Back when you started your rodeo clown career.. Was it easier to entertain crowds then OR is it easier to entertain crowds today?
Lecile Harris: Entertaining was a lot harder to learn than fighting bulls,I am still learning every day now. People were no easier to entertain when I first started then they are now it is just a different type of entertainment. 
Question 3: In your book ” Lecile: This Ain’t My First Rodeo ” You had talked about how when you started rodeoing it used to start in the spring time and you went all the way through the summer. You also mentioned that today rodeo is now year around. Do you still pick up a part-time job during the winter times or do you make enough where you don’t have to pick up a part time job and still be able to do what you want to do?
Lecile Harris: Because I have had several businesses that have been successful, a sign business, a printing business a construction company, sandblasting business and now own quite a bit of commercial property that my rodeo career help me finance in the beginning. Fortunately I do not have to have part-time jobs in the winter.
Question 4: What are your thoughts on the rodeo clown industry today? Do you think it’s where it needs to be? Any improvements?
Lecile Harris: Today’s Rodeo clowning is a lot different from the past, a lot having to do with political correctness and a lot to do with today’s entertainment taste. It is a lot more specialized and lucrative, but a lot more expensive to travel. 
Question 5: Question 5: Is there still any rodeos this day where you would like to rodeo clown at that you haven’t before?
Lecile Harris: I have pretty much had the opportunity to work all of the rodeos that l wanted to work.
Question 6: The 2015 National Finals Rodeo are just a couple of days away.. What are your goals / things you would like to accomplish in 2016?
Lecile Harris: I would like to stay healthy, keep working and spend more quality time with my family.
Question 7: You just released a new Autobiography with Rex Allen Jones.. What was it like working with Rex? Since you’ve done a book. Have you ever thought about making a movie about your rodeo clown career?
Lecile Harris: Rex Allen Jones did a short documentary on me and that’s how we met.  We kind of spoke the same language and it was a pleasure working with . Yes, I would certainly entertain an offer for a movie.
If you are a Lecile Harris fan, and plan on attending the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo below I have posted the times and dates Lecile will be making appearances! Word on the town is that Lecile brought his autobiography with him, and he will be selling and autographing them as well! Be sure to check out Lecile’s NFR schedule below:
Dec 3-5, Thu-Fri-Sat, 10A-2P at Sands Country Christmas.
Dec 6-9, Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed, 10A-2P at Mandalay Bay Cowboy Marketplace.
Dec 10-13, Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun, 10A-2P at Sands Country Christmas.
Lecile, will also be signing at the Bullfighting Championships in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
LECILE HARRIS: Backstage at Live with Luccia with 5x world champion bullfighter Rob Smets and 7x all-around champion cowboy Ty Murray.
As always, if you can’t make it in person to meet Lecile you can always head on over to his user friendly website by clicking the link below:
I thank you for taking the time to read my interview with Lecile Harris. I hope you check back often for more interview with some of your favorite rodeo cowboys and cowgirls!
Dream BIG & Knock out the lights
– Paige Gregory
Little Big Horn, MT

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