RodeoChat Interview: 2016 Miss Rodeo Wisconsin, Beth Kujala

 10 Questions with your NEW 2016 Miss Rodeo Wisconsin, Beth Kujala! Beth, is looking forward to start her journey as Miss Rodeo WI. January 1st, 2016 and she can’t wait to attend Cheyenne Frontier Days next year with hopes to attend more rodeos out West! I hope you all enjoy my interview with Beth! I had a blast getting to know this gal. Happy Reading Y’all ~

Question 1: Good Evening Beth! How are you doing today, and what state are you joining us from?

Beth Kujala: I am doing great! I am joining you from River Falls, Wisconsin where I am currently attending college at UW-River Falls.

Question 2: You are currently the lady in waiting. Your reign doesn’t start till Jan. 1st, 2016. What are you doing till your time comes?

Beth Kujala: I am a goat tier for the NIRA rodeo team here at UW-River Falls, so I will be traveling to college rodeos!

Question 3: That’s exciting!! Do you compete in any other rodeo events besides goat tying?

Beth Kujala:  I have barrel raced in the past, and it’s something I would like to do in the future if I find the right horse 🙂

Question 4: Let’s talk about your Rodeo Queen Career. Before you were crowned Miss Rodeo WI. 2016 Did you compete in any other pageants?

Beth Kujala: I did 🙂 I was the 2011 Spooner Rodeo Princess, 2012 Spooner Rodeo Queen, and I was their 2013 Coca-Cola girl.

Question 5: Entering up those smaller pageants helped you succeed in the Miss Rodeo WI. Pageant. Correct?

Beth Kujala: Absolutely! I would encourage any girl that is considering running for a state title to enter in smaller pageants.

Question 6: What is the right age to start entering, and what smaller pageants should they start out with?

Beth Kujala: It is a great idea to start as young as you possibly can, whether it be for high school rodeos, NIRA, or PRCA.

Question 7: During your Rodeo Queen career you don’t always get to ride your own horse.. Has it gotten easier for you riding other other peoples horses?

Beth Kujala: It has. Sometimes queens can be put on challenging horses, but challenging horses improve your horsemanship!

Question 8: Whats some makeup advice you can give Ladies getting ready for rodeo pageants that will last through the hustle & bustle?

Beth Kujala: Keep everything organized! I keep all of my makeup organized in a tackle box when I travel. They’re very handy!

Question 9: What rodeos are you looking forward to attending during your reign in 2016?

Beth Kujala: Cheyenne Frontier Days is a big one! I would also love to make it to some other bigger rodeos out west!

Question 10: Where can everyone keep up with you on social media as your reign of  Miss Rodeo WI. 2016?

Beth Kujala: At , , or on Instagram @beth_kujala. Thank you!

Paige Gregory

Owner And Founder Of Rodeo

Little Big Horn, Montana


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