RodeoChat Interview: CBR Bull Rider, Stetson Lewis


Stetson Lewis, 2 X CBR Finals Qualifier. Here are 14 Questions I asked Stetson about MMA, the best vehicle to travel down the rodeo trail, and the rules of qualifying for your PRCA circuit finals! I hope you enjoy reading my RodeoChat interview I did with Stetson on Twitter::

Question 1: Where are you joining us from tonight? And how did you do at your rodeos / bull ridings this weekend?

Stetson Lewis: I am joining you from alamogordo new mexico sitting outside my mma gym. And the last few shows I did very well at rode good.

Question 2: Wait.. MMA gym?! Do you also wrestle on the side or is it more of a workout to help out with your bull riding?

Stetson Lewis: I’ve got a couple of fights under my belt and it also keeps me in good shape for riding bulls.

Question 3: Okay.. So you have to share some info on these matches you’ve had. Care to tell us?

Stetson Lewis: Sure I have been doing mixed martial arts for a few years. I started after my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and had my first fight in December of 2009.

Question 4: Wow! That’s incredible. Did you pick up MMA before you started riding bulls or after?

Stetson Lewis: After I was raised in rodeo my father’s dad was a five event man my dad rode bulls and broncs and my older brothers rode bulls. I started mma as an escape from the reality of my grandpa’s cancer I had been hurt at San Antonio took time off and got into MMA.

Question 5: Insane!! At what age did you pick up your bull rope and decide you wanted to do it professionally?

Stetson Lewis:  I started riding bulls when I was seven years old and joined the prca when I turned 18.


Question 6: What are some changes you have noticed from when you first started riding bulls to now?

Stetson Lewis: Well I’m older wiser and feel like I’m at my best at this point in my life than ever.

Question 7: Do you rodeo full time? Or do you work a full time job during the week?

Stetson Lewis: I rodeo full time I plan on making the NFR soon I made two CBR finals but I sure would like to ride in the same finals as tuff and my other heroes.

Question 8: What kind of goals are you setting for yourself right now in hopes of making the NFR?

Stetson Lewis: I plan on making my circuit finals and qualifying for the Dodge circuit finals to open up more opportunities to bigger shows to which will hopefully land me in the NFR.

Question 9: How do you route your rodeo schedule in hopes of making it to your circuit finals and to open up bigger shows?

Stetson Lewis: well I enter as many of my circuit rodeos as I can. Make my rodeo count, win money at these shows to place me in the standings and to make my circuit finals and the rest falls into place.

Question 10: In order for you to make your circuit finals do you have to enter a certain amount of rodeos, $, points?

Stetson Lewis: Yes 13 rodeos for the turquoise circuit and the more money I win the better off I am in the standings.

Question 11: Earlier on twitter you posted a photo of your family. Tell us a little bit about your family. Do they travel with you?

Stetson Lewis: Yes sometimes they do my wife works for her dad who is a veterinarian so she can have a busy schedule.

Question 12: Very nice!! So what’s the farthest rodeo you’ve traveled to this summer with your family?

Stetson Lewis: Cave Creek, Arizona she wanted to go on the summer run Dan Curtin did but we were on the rode for a month so she couldn’t.

Question 13: In your opinion, what’s the best rodeo rig to drive down the rodeo trail?

Stetson Lewis: Well I really don’t have a preference but I like my car to get 30 miles to the gallon and doesn’t take much to fill up.

Question 14: Last Question.. Winters coming up, What’s your plans?

Stetson Lewis: Hit these winter shows do good and win some money to get down the road and shoot for the stars.

Paige Gregory

Big Horn, Montana

RodeoChat Owner // Founder


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