RodeoChat Interview: Professional Australian Bull Rider – Taran Chirgwin

12 Questions with PBR Australia Bull Rider, Taran Chirgwin

Question 1: How did the rodeo bug catch your attention?

Taran Chirgwin: My dad rode bulls for many years so I’ve been brought up around it my whole life. He had me getting on calves since I could walk.

Question 2: Exciting!! What Assocs. Did you grow up riding in/schools you attended to reach the professional level?

Taran Chirgwin: Mostly just the CRCA a circuit close to home and I attended a Troy Dunn school when I was 15 and mostly learned from my father.

Question 3: A lot of rodeo cowboys just finished/still on their cowboy Christmas run. Where did you enter and how did you do?

Taran Chirgwin: We don’t have a cowboy Christmas run here in Australia. Our big run is over Christmas time actually. LOL and I’ve also been out since March due to injury but I’m all heeled up now and ready to do a big run in Western Australia

Question 4: Makes sense! Lol. Isn’t it winter time where you’re at? Is the rodeo/bull riding industry pretty busy?

Taran Chirgwin: Yes it is winter at the moment. Feels like summer some days though. And yeah it is big but a lot of traveling involved to get to all the runs.

Question 5: Oh really! So what circuit Rodeos/Bull Ridings will you ride in this winter?

Taran Chirgwin: NCRA in Western Australia for the winter then I’ll head south and back to Queensland after for the pro and PBR events.

Question 6: In order for you to ride in the PBR events don’t you have to be invited or call in to enter the event?

Taran Chirgwin: Yes you just call in and enter and 30 go into the event and then there’s the big invitational events that are invite only.

Question 7: What’s it like competing in PBR Australia events VS. PBR events in the states?

Taran Chirgwin: The PBR events in America are a lot bigger and there’s so many events where is Australia there is less events.

Question 8: Do you think that it’ll change and there will be more PBR events?

Taran Chirgwin: PBR Australia is getting bigger and bigger and more events each year which is good too see.

Question 9: What are some highlights you’ve reached in your bull riding career?

Taran Chirgwin: Traveling around the world meeting so many nice people and being able to ride bulls and make a dollar out of it.

Question 10: What are your TOP 5 FAV events that you’ve had the opportunity to compete at?

Taran Chirgwin: Calgary pbr, Ponoka pbr, big sky Montana pbr, Livingston and defs my home town bull ride in calliope Queensland.

Question 11: What’s next for you? Ex. Goals, events etc.

Taran Chirgwin:  Win a heap of events in the next few months and get back to Canada and America and continue to get my bulls rode over there.  

Question 12: What’s something totally random about you that no one knows?

Taran Chirgwin: Well I’m pretty random with where I end up if I get an idea in my head or wanna go somewhere I do it without telling anyone.

Fan Questions that were sent in:

Jeanine Leiting – If you had the chance to pick any one PBR bull to ride ,which one would you want most?

Taran Chirgwin – I’ve always wanted to get on Roy and brown sugar would be a bunch of fun and points.

Jeanine Leiting – Do you travel with a buddy or alone?

Taran Chirgwin – I’m currently traveling alone at the moment, sometimes I ride with a buddy if we are up at the same event.

Paige Gregory

Mesquite, Texas


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