RodeoChat Interview: 3 X CPRA Entertainer Of The Year – Dennis Halstead

Good Evening Everyone! Hope you all are having an amazing week! This week, I had the opportunity to interview 3 X CPRA Rodeo Entertainer Of The Year Dennis Halstead on Twitter! We talked about Firefighting, Making the #2 spot on the CRAZIEST Rodeo Wrecks in Canada. Last but not least, the sacrifices Dennis has had to make to chase his dream of making the NFR one day! Pull up a seat, and grab yourself a cold drink. I hope you enjoy my interview with Canadian Prof. Rodeo Clown, Dennis Halstead!

Question 1: How did the whole rodeo clown idea get started?

Dennis Halstead: Was Calgary firefighter full-time and one time 18 years ago rodeo clown never showed up and I did it and from their every thing just grew to what it is today.

Question 2: Wow!! Where was this at? And were you nervous or just all for it?

Dennis Halstead: No to be honest it was kind of natural cause of my personality lol and never dreamed to make a living rodeoing.

Question 3: When rodeos hire you to be there rodeo clown and put on an act.. How do you decide which act to use or come up with?

Dennis Halstead: I have twenty-two acts so I do different acts every night and keep track so if I go back next year I do different acts. The hardest part of our business is coming up with ideas for new acts other guys have not done.

Question 4: What are some of your most popular acts that you do at Rodeos all over the world?

Dennis Halstead: My flying bathtub is my favorite, I have a bathtub that does 40 mph and I jump off ramp and through ring of fire first it all blows up with me and chicken under the hood, you can see it on Youtube. I have a couple great kid acts and always enjoy letting kids be in the show.

Question 5: What happens when you create an idea and you test it for 2 months and another rodeo clown steals your idea?

Dennis Halstead: That’s just something that happens I always look at it as a complement if somebody wants to do something I’ve done. But there’s also the acts you think up and build and try that don’t work but you don’t know till you try.

Question 6: What was the very first Prof. Rodeo you clowned at and are you still doing that rodeo today?

Dennis Halstead: Medicine Hat was first and try to work it when I can but a lot if my rodeos are in the states now. I’m pretty lucky to get to do most of the major rodeos in Canada and also work south and I do about 140 perfs a year.

Question 7: What are some new rodeos/bull ridings you picked up this year that you haven’t rodeo clowned at before?

Dennis Halstead: To make a run at the NFR , you need to stay in the PRCA to get there so 10 months a year I’m on the road. This year Strathmore up here which is one of the biggest , Bremerton Washington , Rapid City , Salt Lake. I move around a lot go no more than 2 years and I’ve been lucky to work big rodeos all over Pendleton last year.

Question 8: A lot of rodeo clowns join different assocs. So Question is – How many assocs. Do you have your cards in this year?

Dennis Halstead: 2 assoc CPRA and PRCA.

Question 9:  How do you handle rodeo clowning in two assocs? Does it ever conflict at all?

Dennis Halstead: No trying to balance my rodeos in Canada and then trying to do the rodeos I need to do in the states is the toughest. But if that’s my hardest part I’m pretty lucky as I’m living a dream doing what I live and love to do.

Question 10: How busy are you this cowboy Christmas vs. Last years Cowboy Christmas?

Dennis Halstead: I’m booked from Feb to end of Nov and my 2016 is almost done, So pretty lucky you have to book almost 2 years a head. So every month is cowboy Christmas for me 🙂

Question 11: If you could give advice to someone who wants to be a rodeo clown.. What would it be and why?

Dennis Halstead: Develop your own style and show it makes you a better rodeo clown and recognized more for it.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder

Mesquite, Texas


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