RodeoChat Interview: PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider Joe Harper


This evening I had the chance to interview Upcoming PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, Joe Jarper. I found out about Joe Harper through my good friend Jace Angus who is also a PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, and currently traveling with Joe down the PRCA rodeo trail. Before Joe’s summer run got extremely crazy.. I thought tonight would be a good night to interview Joe. Check out my FULL interview with Joe, and some of the WICKED bucking horses Joe hopes to draw this summer below:

Question 1: When people tell you that saddle bronc riding is a dying breed.. What are the first thoughts come to mind?

Joe Harper: Personally I believe saddle bronc is a difficult rodeo event for people to master, very few want to dedicate the time.

Question 2: True! But how do you take the time to educate them, and teach them the ropes of saddle bronc riding?

Joe Harper: A desire to ride – that’s not taught though! Having faith in yourself, good mentors and focusing on the goal!

Question 3: So let’s take a step back – How did you get involved with Saddle Bronc? Did it run in your family?

Joe Harper: My family never rodeoed but raised me right – on a ranch! I have wanted to ride since I first saw it at 3 years old!

Question 4: Wow! So you’re a first generation? How did you learn how to ride saddle bronc if you’re family didn’t rodeo?

Joe Harper: I knew a lot of excellent bronc riders that helped me out – the Marvel and Angus families, Craig Latham. The list is long with the support I had. My family also encouraged me in pursuing my goals.

Question 5: Gotta give a S/O to Jace Angus! Great guy. You also travel with Jace as well, correct? What’s it like traveling with Jace?

Joe Harper: Great energy in the truck! We all encourage each other and coach each other as a team great guys!

Question 6: Now your competing on the PRCA trail. How long have you had your PRO card, and what steps did you take to get there?

Joe Harper: I have always wanted to go to the top and the PRCA is currently the best cowboys. I have had my card 2 years now. That being said I don’t try to beat anyone, I try to better myself each time.

Question 7: Super Exciting! How many bronc rides/rodeos should a bronc rider have under his belt before he purchases his card?

Joe Harper: Honestly the amount of rodeos or broncs doesn’t matter. It’s more how experienced the rider is!:) There is no set number but it is best for them if they have a healthy dose of experience !

Question 8: Fair enough! What was your first pro rodeo you ever entered and how did you go about choosing it?

Joe Harper: Honestly I just got a PSN and entered a string of rodeos- the first was Mtn. Home Idaho!

Question 9: Sweett!! What’s been the highlight of your Prof. Saddle bronc riding career?

Joe Harper: My favorite PRCA memory was winning Elko, NV last year on One Robin of bar T rodeo. Closest hometown ProRodeo. Also winning reserve at the CNFR2013 was a major milestone for me!


Question 10: A lot of rodeo cowboys have already begun their summer run. Have you started your summer run yet?

Joe Harper: Yes, I have! It is going to be a very busy 4-5 months! I will be going to as many ProRodeos as possible!

Question 11: What are some rodeos you are SUPER excited to ride in this summer that you haven’t rode in before?

Joe Harper: I honestly don’t know! There are a lot of rodeos that I want to make! The best would be the NFR or DNCFR.

Question 12: What’s one bucking horse you’d like to get on this summer that you haven’t been on before?

Joe Harper: Lunatic from Hell of Burches or Spring planting of Flying 5! But I may add to that list as I go 🙂

To keep up with Joe Harper down the rodeo trail this summer. Be sure, and follow Joe on his social media pages:



Paige Gregory


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