RodeoChat Interview: 13 Questions with Jaime Macdonald

Good Evening Everyone! This week on my LIVE RodeoChat Twitter interview I interviewed, Jaime Macdonald. Jaime, is a barrel racer, Basketball coach, clothing designer and author! I had SO much fun talking to Jaime about Social Media, Fashion, and barrel racing! Read on, to see the other AMAZING topics that we talked about such as Rodeo keeping the modern style but modernizing it a bit!

Question 1: If you had to explain what the rodeo industry is like today in 140 characters.. How would you describe it?

Jaime Macdonald: It has changed over the years. Horses are even better, competitors are more athletic and $ is greater.

Question 2: What do you think caused the change?

Jaime Macdonald: It’s a business, the sport is growing & you need to adapt to keep up.

Question 3: Absolutely!! Do you think that there is still changes that needs to be made in the rodeo industry today?

Jaime Macdonald: Yes! We need to be treated like a sport. Safe ground is a big one! The NFL wouldn’t play on dangerous ground.

Question 4: In order for you guy’s to be treated like a sport.. What needs to be done to make that happen?

Jaime Macdonald: We need to take a stand if we don’t agree with bad ground for example. Social media could play a big part.

Question 5: Exactly! Social media is very powerful! I feel like if a rodeo/bull riding didn’t have social media today they’d be missing out on a HUGE market! Would you agree?

Jaime Macdonald: Without a doubt! So many people would never know without social media. It’s a powerful way to grow the sport.

Question 6: Besides the media part of the sport.. You also, Rodeo as well and you wrote a Rodeo Guide book. Correct?

Jaime Macdonald: Yeah, I do! I am taking a rodeo time out, though still doing clinics, but I’m very excited to get back at it.

Question 7: Tell us about your clinics! Do you have any planned for this summer?

Jaime Macdonald: I will be up in Canada , then Fl & Ga for the summer. I have an abroad one in the works which is pretty cool.

Question 8: Wow! That’s extremely exciting! Do you teach barrel racing and roping or just barrel racing?

Jaime Macdonald: Mostly barrel racing, sometimes breakaway. & anytime there is interest for goat tying with the jr/hsr girls.

Question 9: Nice!! Besides teaching rodeo schools, and working on media.. What else do you do?

Jaime Macdonald: I am a high school basketball coach & have a clothing line!

Question 10: Clothing line? Fill me in on the details of your clothing line!

Jaime Macdonald: All online, casual wear, super unique! Ready to get some rodeo wear out there soon though!

Question 11: Would you say that the fashion industry is pretty big in the rodeo industry today?

Jaime Macdonald: I think so, we need our western wear and casual wear, we just need a lot of clothes!

Question 12: I have to ask.. Did you include the fashion part in your “Rodeo Guide” book?

Jaime Macdonald: You bet, one of the first parts in the “Rodeo 101” for the newbies. Link:

Question 13: If someone asked your opinion on what the rodeo industry will be like in the next 10 yrs. What would you say?

Jaime Macdonald: Technology will play a big part, I just hope that the western heritage element will stay in years to come.

Paige Gregory

Cookeville, TN


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