RodeoChat Interview: 13 Questions With Spur’s The Word Apparel


RodeoChat Interview: The Man Behind Spur’s The Word Apparel – Cody Stowe

Question 1: First and for most, you were a bull rider first before you jumped into the fashion world! How did bull riding inspire you to start Spur’s The Word Apparel?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes I rode for several years. Started at 4. I wanted to stay involved with rodeo and the motto was used by my dad growing up!

Question 2: Your way of staying involved in rodeo is a little big different.. What made you choose the fashion side of it vs. putting on Rodeo schools?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Well my dad originally sold the first Spur’s The Word Apparel shirt in the 80’s. I knew there was a market for it!

Question 3: Wow! So your dad kind of started the line first, and you decided to carry it on down the line?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes! I felt if I revamped it could be a big hit!

Question 4: How did you revamp the line from what it was like in the 80’s?

Spur’s The Word Apparel:  I went after a more modern look! Huge difference.


Question 5: You sure did. From your experience n the bull riding world what did you learn from it that you put to the fashion industry?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Stubborn headedness! Lol. It’s tough starting any business so you have to be all in and keep your eye on the goal.

Question 6: Exactly! It’s two separate industry’s as well. What’s your demographic on your clothing line? Also, have you had to change the ways you were marketing your line before you found out about your demographic to meet their standards?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: You know it’s really all over right now! That’s the learning process I’m having to go through right now.

Question 7: Right! What’s one market your trying to get attention in with your clothing line? Ex. Bull Riding, Bareback Riding, SB?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Bull Riding!!! Keep it close to home! I loved bringing the boom in my days and gotta get it to those guys who rep!

Question 8: Awesome! Definitely don’t blame you there. You also just announced a new bull rider on your team. Correct?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes! We are very excited to add Shea Russell to the team! He seems to have a great future ahead of him. I love that he supports Breast Cancer awareness. Something that hits close to the heart with him.

Question 9: But in reality.. I feel like Spur’s The Word Apparel can relate to everyone. I mean, you gotta spur your way to make it. Right?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Very well said! You have figured out the deepest of meanings! Lol. You are correct and I believe the style is for all.

Question 10: Besides the clothing line.. You have also helped out at Rodeo Schools to help the young guy’s coming up in the ranks. Tell us more Info about the school’s you help out at and the young bull riders that you’re helping out today.

Spur’s The Word Apparel: I have taught for someone at a couple Rodeo Schools and have worked individually with guys. it means so much to help them because I didn’t have a lot of guidance and mentorship as a young adult.

Question 11: Do you think that bull riders today should have mentors to help guide them in the right direction on the bull riding trail?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Absolutely! With out guidance the people fail! In anything it is important.

Question 12: With that being said.. What’s next for you and Spur’s The Word Apparel?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: Possibly getting into our first store! I believe that is our next big step and possibilities have been presented.

Question 13: Last Question.. Are you guy’s going to create any new shirts or hats for this summer?

Spur’s The Word Apparel: I plan to bring back the original as a worn out and faded Americana Tee! I have had a lot of request!

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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