RodeoChat Interview: 7 Questions with Professional Bull Rider Justin Granger


Get to know PBR bull rider – Justin Granger

RodeoChat: Rodeo runs deep in your family. Your family has reached a lot of success. But, you have also reached a lot of success as well. What’s one highlight that you’ve reached that no one else in your family has done?

Justin Granger: Yes rodeo does run in my family. My father(Teddy Granger) rode bulls so does my uncle(Terrance Granger). Yes, I’ve been blessed with success. An I thank the Lord. I’d say making my appearance at the PBR Built Ford Tough Series.

RodeoChat: When was your first PBR appearance? And what was it like riding on the PBR BFTS?

Justin Granger: My first BFTS appearance was Albuquerque NM 2011. It was a dream come true. I was pretty darn nervous but I did my best to stay calm an have fun. But i didn’t do to good that weekend. Sure was a great experience with the top riders that year.

RodeoChat: Now you have your own bull riding invitational coming up this Saturday in Tuba City, AZ. What’s it like having an invitational?

Justin Granger: Its great. It’s my first year having a invite. But years before it was just an open BullRiding. So they’ll be a lot of young talent this Saturday. That’ll match up against some rank bulls from WarPony Bucking Bulls.

RodeoChat: What are your plans for this summer? Has your summer run already started?

Justin Granger: My plans are to hit as many PBR events an get points to make finals. And I’ll also hit INFR tour rodeos. My summer run will start next month. It’ll be a busy summer once again.


RodeoChat: What’s one record you want to break in the bull riding industry?

Justin Granger: Be a PBR World Champion. A lot of work ahead of me.

Fan Question sent in from – Patrick Chee: What TCBB Food do you eat before every bull riding?

Justin Granger: It is a HotDog. They say it makes you win. Must be true because one of us end up winning. Ha ha

Fan Question sent in from – Cowboy Coffee Chew: How old were you when you Bucked your first Bull and how did you get started?

Justin Granger: My first open bull I got on, I was 12 years old. I started riding when I was 4 yrs old. It was a calf. After that calf ride I than started riding sheep… Then it just went on from there.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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