RodeoChat Interview: 15 Questions with PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider Jace Angus

This week, I had a request from Dare To Be A Cowboy to schedule an interview with PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, Jace Angus! Your wish is my command. Here is my interview with the one, and only Jace Angus:

RodeoChat: Hello Jace! How’s it going? What state are you in today?

Jace Angus: I am currently home in Stephenville, Tx and leaving Wednesday for Logan dale NV prca rodeo.

RodeoChat: Last we talked you were working in NY. What made you move to TX and what are you doing in TX? Working?

Jace Angus: I made the move here too be closer to bigger rodeos and my traveling partners, I am riding a few horses and day working.

RodeoChat: What bigger rodeos in TX did you ride in/going to this year, and who are you traveling with this year?

Jace Angus: Texas is pretty much middle of everywhere for us and will be going to everything we can, Jesse James Kirby, and Joe Harper.

RodeoChat: How hard is it to find a group of guy’s to travel with that have the same goals as you?

Jace Angus: hard to say, it’s as hard as you make it I guess, but having same goals and ambition is def a key to be gone and win and fun!

RodeoChat: I’ve seen some pictures of you helping out at a couple of schools recently. How important is to help out the up a coming guy’s?

Jace Angus: Yes I been doing few prca rodeo camps and other schools, I think it’s very important to help youth to keep our sport alive.

RodeoChat: I heard the other day that You have teamed up with Dare To Be A Cowboy! What’s it like working with them?

Jace Angus: It’s amazing, great people and I am very lucky to be a part of a group that wants to help so many people!!!

RodeoChat: How do you stay so fit and ready for the next one? Do you have a certain workout routine?

Jace Angus: Lots of running and gym time when can, I do the seal grinder workouts and also stay in martial arts helps a bunch, eat right.

RodeoChat: How important is it to stay fit as a Saddle Bronc Rider? What would you recommend the younger Generation to do to stay fit for the next one.

Jace Angus: It’s one of the most important to stay fit and limber, helps recovery and also makes your career longer!

RodeoChat: So have you started planning your summer run yet? Also, when does your summer run actually start?

Jace Angus: Yes, we have our game plan. Around June will start our summer run.

RodeoChat: Where are you kicking off your summer run this Year?

Jace Angus: Oh not sure what one we will start the summer run, northwest most likely.

RodeoChat: In your opinion, do you think Saddle Bronc riding is getting more recognition now then it did before?

Jace Angus: Yes to an extent. I Think slowly it is with the social media and televised coverage it’s starting to.

Fan Question From Pick A Rank One: Do you have a horse you have been bucked off that is on your list to conquer?

Jace Angus: Haha yes there are quite a few lol!!!

Fan Question from Bobby Lehr: As far as the actual ride goes such as your mark out or lifting on the rein what did you find most challenging?

Jace Angus: Hmmmm… Prolly lifting was the challenge from riding colts.

Fan Question from Jack Wright: But you don’t go to Calgary Alberta or rapid city “big money rodeos”?

Jace Angus: Had not been to canada yet, but yes we go to rapid. We will hit ,any gold and silver rodeos as we can.

Fan Question From Jack Wright: Do you rodeo out of your circuit?? How many rodeos a year do you go to?

Jace Angus: Yes I do I claimed tx as my circuit, but go everywhere also, we get 100 rodeos to count towards world standings.

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder RodeoChat


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