RodeoChat Interview: 12 Questions with Professional Bull Rider Patrick Chee


With the Justin Granger Invitational just a few weeks away I thought I would shine the light on his traveling partner, Patrick Chee this week! Patrick, travels with Justin to many PBR events and INFR events all over the world! To learn more about Patrick. Please check out my interview with Patrick Below:

Rodeo Chat: Where were you when you saw Bull Riding for the first time? Also, after seeing bull riding for the first time.. Did you pick up bull riding right away or give other rodeo events a shot?

Patrick Chee: I am a second generation bull rider.. My Dad rode bulls so I was around the sport ever since I can remember.. I grew up around livestock and animals so every chance I got to get on something I would.. My parents wouldn’t let me enter a rodeo until I brought home a straight A report card.. So once I got my ducks in a row I finally was able to enter my first rodeo when I was 6 yrs old and I have been hooked ever since! I never gave any other rodeo events any interest but I always enjoy watching Team Roping, Bareback and Saddle Bronc..

RodeoChat: Do any other members in your family rodeo?

Patrick Chee: I do have relatives that rodeo at the collegiate and professional levels (barrel racing, calf roping, team roping).. It’s nice when we can come together during the holidays and all get caught up, meanwhile we’re all chasing our individual dreams..

RodeoChat: You’re a Rodeo Cowboy that rides in several different assocs. How do you manage to ride in so many assocs? Does it make it harder to reach that goal you’re trying for or is it easier?

Patrick Chee: The past 3 years I have focused on managing one association and that’s been with the PBR.. It was not until this year that I have ventured out and got my INFR tour card.. All my traveling partners have been going to the INFR in Vegas so I figure I need to get with the program. It does get hard to manage multi-associations, you have to plan long in advanced, remember call in dates and times, and manage a good travel arrangement.. It can get a little cumbersome and stressful indeed!

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RodeoChat: You’re sponsored by a Company Called War Pony. Tell us a little bit about War Pony, and how you picked up that sponsor?

Patrick Chee: War Pony Land & Energy LLC is certified Native American energy industrial business  based out of North Dakota owned by Ron Brugh. War Pony also is making a name for themselves in the bucking bull industry through War Pony Bucking Bulls.. Look for big things from War Pony as they are committed to helping rodeo athletes to be successful at the top-tier levels.

RodeoChat: Not a lot of people may know this.. But you were actually featured in a music video recently called ” TCBB Gold Buckle Dreams” . Was this your first feature in a music video? If so, how did it feel? Also, for the folks that haven’t heard of the song before.. Maybe give them some info on what the song’s about and what TCBB means.

Patrick Chee: TCBB (Tuba City Bad Boys) Gold Buckle Dreams was a highlight reel from the end of 2014. My traveling partners and I spend a lot of time in Tuba City Arizona which is home to the Granger family. They have given many of us the opportunity to train together, get coaching, and take our riding to the next level. We all travel together and have formed quite the family bond. That video was a compilation of highlights from my TCBB teammates and I.. If you have a chance head on over to YouTube and check it out (TCBB Gold Buckle Dreams) :

RodeoChat: When I first heard about you on the bull riding trail the first thing I did was follow you on Instagram. I looked at all of your photos and watched your bull riding videos. I must say that you definitely stand out from the rest of the bull riders today. Do you think that it is more important to stand out in the bull riding industry and setting your own trail Vs. Blending in and going with the pack?

Patrick Chee: I don’t think is important to necessarily “stand-out”.. I’ve never been the type of person to be very outspoken but ever since I was a child I was inspired by a quote from Bruce Lee which says; “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it”.. So when it comes to representing myself via social media I try to be as private as I can while still honestly expressing myself.. So to answer your question I think there is a happy medium between the two.

RodeoChat: One Indian Rodeo Cowboy you have been traveling a lot with is Justin Granger. What’s it like Traveling with Justin? Do you always travel to Bull Ridings and Rodeos with Justin Granger or do you have other Bull Riding and Rodeo partners that you travel with as well?

Patrick Chee: Traveling with Justin Granger (J31) is great. We’ve been traveling for quite a while now and we’ve got the same ambitions when it comes to things we want to accomplish in our time with the sport. We also travel with Hernald John, Lane Granger, Wyatt Betoney, Andy Sells, Ryan Sellers, & our coach Teddy G.. So we definitely have a packed vehicle whenever we’re on the road but it’s always a great time and a group of guys that can ride really good always helps us to elevate our game.

RodeoChat: In my opinion the bucking bulls today have gotten a lot tougher. If you could describe the bucking bulls to back when you started riding bulls to today.. How would you describe it?

Patrick Chee: I have always been the type of guy to get on rank bulls, from practice to the real deal. The way I see it if you want to be among the best, you have ridden the best. That means taking it to the best bulls.. Don’t get me wrong there are those times when you need to take a step back and get things right on some tuner bulls. But for me, my comfort level really needs to be among the rank pen. This allows me to keep my expectations high and take no days off..

RodeoChat: One title that you received recently is the 2014 Navajo Nation Fair Champion! What was it like receiving that title? Was that one of the biggest titles you’ve ever won?

Patrick Chee: Winning the NNFR was big, not because of the money but because of the integrity and history of the NNFR. Every year that rodeo gets a huge turn out with some of the rodeos biggest names. So to put out a win there was very meaningful for me and it’s something I’ll always be proud of.. I also won the 2014 International Indian Nation Finals Rodeo World Championship in October.


RodeoChat: Earlier you mentioned that you will be riding at the Justin Granger Invitational. I noticed that the Justin Granger Invitational April 18th is an open event. What’s it like riding at an open event vs. a card event?

Patrick Chee: Some of the bigger bull ridings that go on around the Navajo Nation have the potential to be just as good as a card event. The caliber of bulls at this event will definitely be card event caliber; as a matter of fact War Pony Bucking Bull (which is the official contractor) have bucked many of their bulls at PBR events last season. The rider caliber is of the same nature, the crowd will also see some of the young guns that are not old enough to ride at card events but definitely will create waves when they are of age.. Tuba City is definitely a Mecca for rodeo and bull riding so I look for Justin’s event to be a huge success.

RodeoChat: Where can your fans, and your new fans that are reading this post see you at in 2015? Do you have any rodeos and bull riding set in stone that you can announce yet?

Patrick Chee: I will be going to PBRs and INFR Tour Rodeos all year-long.. In the coming weeks we are expected to be in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Texas..

RodeoChat: One of your fans came up to you at a bull riding. This young fan was a bull rider.. He happened to have a bad out and almost gave up on his bull riding dreams. What kind of bull riding advice would you give this young fan, and maybe to the rest of the bull riders out there that are struggling and not covering their bull for 8 right now.

Patrick Chee: This sport (a lot like life) is not meant to be easy and it can break you down. It’s a constant struggle, with high risk and high rewards. But perseverance, resiliency, and faith during those trying and tested times will define you. So go out and be great and keep faith. If it is to be, then it shall be.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner/Founder


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