RodeoChat Interview: 13 Questions with Julianne Hutchins

When you hear the words “Rodeo” and “Chat” doesn’t it make you wonder? Check out my interview with up and coming team roper and breakaway roper, Julianne Hutchins:

Question 1: First off, How’d you get introduced into the roping world?

Julianne Hutchins: I was fortunate to have an amazing step dad Russell Funk come into my life at age of 9 and he ropes really well.

Question 2: When you saw your step dad rope for the first time.. What was the first thing that came to mind?

Julianne Hutchins: I couldn’t wait to try that! I wanted to be the best I could be at it! So he took the time to rope the dummy with me everyday before and after work!

Question 3: At what age did you pick up your first rope, and begin competing at rodeos/jackpots?

Julianne Hutchins: I was 9 when I picked up my first rope and entered my first Jr. rodeo. I was on the best heel/ breakaway horse anyone could ask for! I went to Fallon Jr Rodeo in Fallon Nv and WON my first buckle! It was at a Speed Williams clinic my parents put on and from there Russell told me I could start going to jackpots. After that I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to go to the next one! Then when I was about 11 I headed and turned my first steer.

Question 4: What horses do you take with you to your rodeos/jack pots these days?

Julianne Hutchins: My fiancé bought me a head/heel horse that I take everywhere! I cant ask for a better one! His name is Bendy.

Quesiton 5: Awesome! So is Bendy a Quarter horse Or?

Julianne Hutchins: Yes ma’am. He’s a quarter horse he’s a grey with what looks like paint markings only on his right shoulder.

Question 6: How many horses do you usually take with you on the road? Do you recommend that ropers should bring backup horses?

Julianne Hutchins: I only have one right now but if I had another good one I’d take two or three depending on how many I’m going to run. I did notice when I had 2 horses some heelers like to heel behind one better than the other so I would accommodate them. I would suggest always bringing 2 just in case it may not be the right set up for one horse but the other works great! But only if you feel real comfortable on both of them

Question 7: How many roping events do you compete at during the weekends, and do you also compete during the week as well?

Julianne Hutchins: I turn 21 this year so I can’t wait to start going to some World Series Ropings. Being down in Texas has opened up a lot more roping opportunities they are mostly on Fridays through Sunday’s so far but I rope everyday training rope horses.

Question 8:  Do you think that PRCA will let girls enter the team ropings, tie-down roping, and steer roping events one day?

Julianne Hutchins: I sure hope so I think there are ladies who do those events that are pretty wicked. It would step up the sport of women’s team roping and tie down roping

Question 9: What do you think it’s going to take to make that happen?

Julianne Hutchins: I think it would take enough girls that rope at that level to voice their opinion.

Question 10: Right! So what kind of gear do you use to make a perfect run at an roping event? Ex. Ropes, halters etc.

Julianne Hutchins: I have a really nice custom halter with my horses name on it so no one can take it lol I use professional choice front and back boots to keep him protected. Also pro choice bell boots. I use a Lone Star head rope and fast back heel ropes. I have pink crooked stirrups and a nice saddle. I am currently not sponsored by anyone but those are my necessities to completing good runs.

Question 11: Tell us a story about one of your roping events that was a highlight to you and make your roping career take off.

Julianne Hutchins: I was roping in the Mix roping at ACTRA Nationals in Reno and I made 1st high call by 2 seconds it was 1 in the morning when they called my name. I backed in the box and nodes my head and I scored good rode hard and made an 8 second run and we won the roping. It taught me that hard work pays off and having the mental focus to go catch a lay-up steer. Also I had the fastest time heeling at the Perry D Loretto All Girl roping for the entire roping with a 6.5.

Question 12:  Holy Smokes! That’s super late. Do you prefer entering in the early or late roping events?

Julianne Hutchins: For me personally I love early mornings when it’s still a little chilly outside my horse feels good and so do my ropes but when they go late so do I! More teams the better more teams more money 🙂

Question 13: What’s summer of 2015 look like? Any events confirmed that we need to know about?

Julianne Hutchins: Not right now! But I’m on the hunt for some World Series and possible the Perry D All Girl!

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder, RodeoChat

Cookeville, TN


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