RodeoChat Interview: 12 Questions with Professional Bullfighter Judd Napier

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Judd Napier, was born and raised in Hawaii. But, One day he woke up and decided that he wanted to move too Colorado and chase his bullfighting dreams. Here is my interview with Judd Napier, and what you can expect from Judd this year down the bullfighting trail..

Question 1: You’re a guy from Hawaii that happens to have Rodeo in your blood. How in the world did that happen?

Judd Napier: Not a lot of people know this, but the western lifestyle is actually a huge part of Hawaii.

Question 2: Wow! I didn’t realize that till now. So what are the huge Western lifestyle events over in Hawaii?

Judd Napier: Along with all your regular rodeo events, we have our “Hawaii’s own” events called Po’o Wai U and Double Mugging.

Question 3: When time came to change locations & chase your bullfighting dreams.. You chose Colorado. Why CO Vs. TX and Ok?

Judd Napier: I’ve always wanted to spend time in CO. God opened up doors for me to be here. I went to school in OK and KS so I had a taste of what was there.

Question 4: How has living in CO helped chase your bullfighting dreams even further?

Judd Napier: It’s almost central. A lot of my rodeos have been either in this state rodeo the states surrounding. Makes for short drives.

Question 5: Don’t you think that if you lived in OK or TX and networked with all the top bullfighters/Rodeos/Bull ridings you’d be farther in your bullfighting career?

Judd Napier: It might help me, but honestly, I put my trust in God above all else. He’s gotten me this far. He’ll get me where i need to be.

Question 6: Very true! You mentioned that you learned a lot from Wacey Munsell. What was it like working with Wacey?

Judd Napier: Me and Wacey went to college together. He’s one reason I got started fighting. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. Its fun working with guys that fight the same style as you. Makes it look easier.

Question 7: What are some things Wacey Munsell tought you that made you wanna follow his bullfighting footsteps?

Judd Napier: It’s a lot of team work and trust in your partner. Knowing you can rely on each other makes it a blast!

Question 8: What are some of the highlights you have reached so far in your professional bullfighting career?

Judd Napier: In 2013 Weston Rutkowski and I were the top two bullfighters at the stock sale in Vegas. Both receiving a buckle. Also, being invited to the world championship bullfights in Ardmore, OK is a highlight of its own.

Question 9: What’s one thing you struggle with as a bullfighter today that People May not know about?

Judd Napier: Last year during freestyles I fought my head a lot. Preparing yourself mentally is a huge part of what we do in the arena.

Question 10: Which do you prefer.. Freestyle or Protection Match? And why? Lol.

Judd Napier: I love protection, but freestyle has made me so much better. Not a lot of people think it helps, but it does.

Question 11: What are some of your bullfighting/protection matches that you have coming up next?

Judd Napier: I’ll be at Hunter Jones bullfighter on March 21. I’m really looking forward to it!

Question 12: What are your goals for the rest of the year? Anything exciting that we should know about?

Judd Napier: My goal is to win every bullfight I enter this year. Especially the World Championships Bullfights in Ardmore.

Paige Gregory

Owner/Founder, RodeoChat

Cookeville, TN


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