RodeoChat Interview: Cord McCoy

My guest on RodeoChat this week was the one and only, Cord McCoy! Some of you know of Cord as a bull rider on the PBR Built Ford Tough Series, and on that one TV show called the, Amazing Race. But, did you know that Cord McCoy is now a PRS Commentator and has his own Western Days Festival? That’s right! Check out all the good stuff we talked about by checking out the interview below:


6 Questions with PRS Commentator, Cord McCoy

Question 1: Some People may not know this.. But, you took Bull Riding seriously after bareback and saddle bronc riding first. Why not Bull Riding first?

Cord McCoy: In 2004 I came off the back of a saddle bronc horse and was kicked in the head, crushed my skull so I had to wear a helmet. Started riding again after 8 months of speech/physical therapy made the NFR in 2005, switched to PBR and no buckin horses since

Question 2: Wow! That’s intense! Was this your first time ever wearing a helmet? If so, why didn’t you wear one before?

Cord McCoy:  Well, we didn’t even wear seat belts. We started wearing vest because the best guys started wearing them. Now you wonder why not?

Question 3: Someone came up to you at a bull riding, and mentioned this is their first bull riding event. If they asked you what started bull riding and what got you into it.. What would your response be?

Cord McCoy: When people say it’s their first event I warn them it’s addictive. Next thing you know all the bulls and the Cowboys.

Question 4: How long has it been since you hung up your bull rope? Once, you hung your bull rope up.. What was next?

Cord McCoy: Been two years since I have been on a bull now. Ranching, raising bucking Bulls and riding horses plus a little tv keeps me busy

Question 5: The question that everyone has been asking is.. The Amazing Race! What was it like being on The Amazing Race? Do you think you brought new fans over into the western lifestyle that weren’t in it before?

Cord McCoy: They named it right, it’s AMAZING! Just to think a little Okie like me would ever go around the world 3 times. Oh, I love the Western way of life and enjoy sharing it with folks that don’t know. Pretty cool that Hats are Universal.

Question 6: Congrats on the Western Days Festival! What’s it like having your own Festival? Any hints as to what people can expect at your festival this year?

Cord McCoy: Gonna be so much fun! Western Days, long schedule of western events for four days in 4 different arenas!


Fan Question, Dylan Busselman: What made you want to ride?

Cord McCoy: I’m the 5th of 5 kids. Ride, ranch, and rodeo is what we did. My Heroes have always been Cowboys and still are.

Fan Question, Jeanine Leiting: I want to know if Cord is going to be part of Unfinished business and ride with the other ex-bullriders.

Cord McCoy: I will NOT be riding JW Hart Challenge but I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I’ll take McCoy Ranch bulls to the event though.

Fan Question, Cowboy Coffee Chew: Do you think the bulls are ranker now and that helmets should be mandatory?

Cord McCoy: Lol, hard to tell a cowboy what to do, but I wouldn’t get on another one without a helmet. My kids will wear one.

Fan Question, Cowboy Coffee Chew: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Cord McCoy: Oh man, so much I’m just glad to survive, but yeah, I’d turn around and do it all over again.

Fan Question, what do you do in your downtime or do you have any?

Cord McCoy: Not much down time on the McCoy Ranch, always a long list to get done. Used to joke I only worked 8 seconds a day.

Fan Question, Cowboy Coffee Chew: Since you have retired, what is the SINGLE thing you miss most about being part of the greatest show on DIRT!

Cord McCoy: Ahh, I think you miss the battle and the challenge. You miss the comradery among the riders, they are all family.

Fan Question, Tabatha: My daughter is 12 years old and wants to get into bull riding. What is the biggest advice you would have for her?

Cord McCoy: That’s exciting, some girl is gonna make the PBR Finals someday and maybe it’s her. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Paige Gregory

Owner And Founder


Cookeville, TN


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