RodeoChat Interview: RFD-TV The American Fan Exemption Choice, Amberley Snyder


As soon as I heard the news that Amberley Snyder was chosen for The American Fan Exemption choice I knew right away that I needed to get this amazing gal on RodeoChat! Amberley, is SO much fun to chat with and she is just filled with so much kindness! For those of you who are just learning about this amazing Cowgirl or for those that you have, and need some motivation to chase your dreams even harder.. Here is some motivating Q&A for you all.. Enjoy!

11 Questions with Amberley Snyder

Question 1: 2015.. Did you ever think that the year of 2015 would lead you to this much success this early in the year?

Amberley Snyder: I didn’t know what this year would hold! I am thrilled & blessed with how it has already began! Dreams are becoming reality!

Question 2: At what age did you decide that rodeo was your dream? Also, at what age did you start chasing your rodeo dream?

Amberley Snyder: I’ve loved the idea of running barrels as far back as I can remember! My mom used to trace the pattern on my hand! I was able to start riding at 3 and rodeo at 7! I have been addicted since the first time I did it! I continue to chase my rodeo dream each time I go up and alley way at a rodeo!

Question 3: So at age 3.. What horse were you riding then & was this the horse that took you to your very first rodeo at 7?

Amberley Snyder: My first horse was named Lacey! When my family moved from Cali to Utah I told my dad I would only go if he got me a palomino barrel horse! He followed through! That was lacey! In Cali I had a pony named gabby! I would do the barrels (cones) on her! You should know I wanted a pony so I could do everything by myself at 3!

Question 4: True! So, what kind of success did your first pony Lacey take you to? Also, did Gabby take you too any success?

Amberley Snyder: I was just learning to ride on gabby! We won a couple shows! Lacey won me 3 of saddles growing up!! She taught me so much!! She was hot!! So at a young age I learned how to handle and love that. Gotta love mares!

Question 5: You were rodeoing and living the dream. Jan 10th, 2010 things changed. For those that are just now hearing your name and just starting to hear your story.. In 140 Characters or less.. How would you explain it to them?

Amberley Snyder: I was involved in a rollover car accident leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. Definitely a new life challenge!

Question 6: Besides loosing feeling in your legs through the wreck. What was the hardest thing that you had to learn all over again?

Amberley Snyder: Physically my balance is still hard! But patience and tolerance is definitely another challenge!

Question 7: Through the wreck you started giving motivational speeches? What’s it feel like speaking in front of a large crowd  and Motivating them?

Amberley Snyder: Being able to make a difference on a persons life is a huge blessing! If I can help others I am serving my purpose!

Question 8: Absolutely! So how did you get started as a motivational speaker? How many places do you speak at a year?

Amberley Snyder: I started in ffa as a state officer in Utah! It’s just grown from there! I do 2-3 a month while I’m in school!

Question 9: So you’re not only a speaker.. But you’re also a student teacher. With all that going on how do you find time for practice?

Amberley Snyder: I make the time to ride every day! If you love it you make the time 🙂 even if I ride at 1030 at night!

Question 10: I’m a HUGE fan of your wheelchair Wednesday Videos. How did that whole series get started?

Amberley Snyder: I was getting asked how I did things in a chair! I decided it was a way to share pieces of my life each week!

Question 11: Last Question, What’s something totally random about you that maybe no one knows about..

Amberley Snyder: I am a huge movie addict!! The five dollar bin at walmart calls my name every time I’m in there!

Paige Gregory

Cookeville, TN

Owner & Founder



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