RodeoChat Interview: Joel Waddell – Canadian Saddle Bronc Rider


11 Questions with Canadian Saddle Bronc Rider – Joel Waddell

Question 1: Your bio on twitter says that you’re a auctioneer bronc riding cowboy. How did the auctioneer deal get started?

Joel Waddell: I went to World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City IA when I was 15, because of bronc riding friend of the family.

Question 2: Okay! So, let me get this straight.. You went to an auctioneering school because of a bronc riding friend? Is that also how you picked up saddle bronc riding as well?

Joel Waddell: No I always wanted to ride broncs, my dad rode, travelled & worked with Marty Wood in the 60’s so bronc riding was a big deal at home, there were always cowboys staying with us & most were bronc riders.

Question 3: Next question is.. How did you become the bronc rider you are today? Did you attend bronc riding schools?

Joel Waddell: I’ve been to many there’s always something to learn, Winston Bruce, Glen O’Neil, Mel Hyland, Sankey, all great.

Question 4: In your opinion, what’s the best way to better your self as a saddle bronc rider? Watching videos, practice pen, gym?

Joel Waddell: All of the above, but nothing like getting on as many as you can, you can’t get the intensity in the gym that a ride has.

Question 5: Exactly! Earlier you mentioned that saddle bronc riding is a dying scene. Since you’re on the board of directors for Frontier Cowboys Assoc. (FCA) For saddle bronc riding.. How can you do your part to keep the event alive and gain more popularity?

Joel Waddell: Novice & junior events, memberships for NHSRA Roughstock cowboys, helping out at schools & practice nights. Rodeo has been great to me & I try to give back by serving on the board or helping young guys get started.

Question 6: What is it like being the board director of saddle bronc riding on the Frontier Cowboys Assoc.?

Joel Waddell: It shows you the other side, it gives more appreciation for what goes into making rodeos happen.

Question 7: So what all do you on the board AND do you think more SB riders should be board of directors for their assocs?

Joel Waddell: I am the voice for the bronc riders & their concerns, work with stock contractors & committees to make it as great as possible, more guys should get involved to help the sport & the decisions that affect it.

Question 8: Right on! For those that haven’t heard of the FCA Rodeo Before.. Could you maybe explain what it is about?

Joel Waddell: A Semi pro assoc. started in 1955 with rodeos in south & central Alberta, with $100,000 added finals in Oct.

Question 9: last question, out of all the rodeos you’ve been to an stories you’ve heard. What story has stuck out the most?

Joel Waddell: Half the fun of rodeo is the people you meet, stories that come from that & the friends & family that you make. There’s been so many good times, bad wrecks, showing up every time I draw Billy Richards Chuck O & riding him, once! Lol

Fan Question From F.J. Thomas; What do you think is the biggest challenge that saddle bronc riders have today in comparison to years past?

Joel Waddell: Enough rodeos to compete at & the number of rough stock cowboys, there are less & less roughstock entries every year.

Fan Question From F.J. Thomas; It seems that saddle bronc doesn’t get the notoriety that bull riding and other events do. Do you agree? Why do you think that is & suggestions to change that?

Joel Waddell: Bronc riding is still the classic event, bull riding has more media coverage.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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