RodeoChat Interview: Steve Hogan A.K.A HD Hogan’s Father



The other day I was chit chattin with my friend, Pamela Hynek. Pamela, Mentioned to me that I should check out the story behind HD Hogan. So I went on Google and typed in “HD Hogan”.. First, thing that stood out was ALL of his Saddle Bronc Riding photos, and the next thing I noticed that he was a Marine fighting for our country! Next thing I do, is try to figure out a way to get ahold of someone who was related/knew HD Hogan! My mind kept telling me that I should check my RodeoChat’s messages on Facebook. So, I did.. There sits a message waiting for me from his Father Steve Hogan! I had a nice conversation with Steve talking about Roughstock and the Marines today. Sadly, HD Hogan is no longer with us but his family and friends still carry his name on in the rodeo industry today! To learn more about HD Hogan, and his rodeo scholarship that his wife and family give away every year.. Check out the interview below:

5 Questions With HD Hogan’s Dad – Steve Hogan

1) First off, I think it is AMAZING what you guy’s do to honor HD Hogan the fallen Marine, Rodeo Cowboy, and Hero. But, what you guy’s do to carry on his memories up and down the rodeo trail is truly something special. What made you want to carry on his traditions to folks going up and down the rodeo trail today?

Steve Hogan: HD turned down 4 colleges that wanted him on their rodeo team to ride roughstock. He wanted to serve 4 years in the Marine Corps as I did, then come back home , go to school, and get back to rodeoing. 

On the night that we received his body back on American soil, his wife and I discussed him turning down all those scholarships. We decided instead of flowers, that we would like to try to give away one $500 to $1,000 scholarship to someone going on to college rodeo. We contacted family members back in Nebraska that night from Dover Air Force Base to let them know our wishes.

The summer of 2013 we opened it up to the Indiana and Nebraska high school rodeo teams, because of family in both states. In 2014 the scholarship had grown enough that we contacted all the state’s high school rodeo team’s secretaries in the nation to let them know it was available to their seniors as well.
In 2013 we gave out six $1,000 scholarships and in 2014 we gave out seven $1,000 scholarships.
2) I was reading the process on how to apply for this Scholarship on your website, and you have to be a high school senior going into college to participate? Why a High School Senior going into College Vs. Someone that is in College on a College Rodeo Team?
Steve Hogan: We felt that the 1st year of college seems to be the most stressful in many ways not just for the students but financially for the parents. We wanted to make an impact. That is why the scholarships will always be for $1,000.
3) How many College Rodeo Scholarships do you give out a year?
Steve Hogan: As I stated earlier, the 1st year we gave 6 and this past fall we gave 7.
4 ) Also, I noticed on your website that you guy’s do a BBQ fundraiser, a hero ride and a memorial bull riding. How do you guy’s come up with all of the different fundraisers?
Steve Hogan: There are so many people who HD made an impact on in his short but full life, people and volunteers having been jumping onboard to make this happen.

There are some big names in rodeo and in the military that will be coming onboard this coming year. We are anxious to confirm and be able to announce the 2015 events.
5) It’s a brand new year filled with TONS of opportunities. So, in this new year.. Do you guy’s have any new fundraisers that we should keep an eye on that are coming up this year?
Steve Hogan: We don’t have positive dates set for this years events yet, but keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for announcements.

Hunter HD Hogan Memorial Rodeo Scholarship Fund on Facebook:
I think one of the most amazing things we did was the application for the scholarship. We don’t go by their grades, male or female, by what event or events they are in, or in where they are in their states or national ranking in their events.
To apply the student needs to send us some basic information on them. They need to write an essay on what the sport of rodeo means to them and what being an American means to them.
People that doubt our youth should read the essays that we have received. They have been amazing!! It has been very difficult to choose the recipients.
I’d like to thank ALL of the men and women that fought for our country past AND present! In my opinion, I believe that the troops our some of the TOUGHEST individuals in the world.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder

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