RodeoChat Interview: 2014 SEBRA Finals Qualifier – Garfield Wilson III


8 Questions with 2014 SEBRA Finals Qualifier, Garfield Wilson III

Question 1: You walk into a club. This club invites you on stage an gives you 140 characters to introduce yourself. Your 140 are?

Garfield Wilson III: My Name Is Garfield Wilson And I Love To Ride Rank Bulls If You don’t Believe Me Just Give Me A pull An Sit Back And Watch Me.

Question 2: Alright, so the question everyone wants to know is.. How in the heck did you get into bull riding?

Garfield Wilson III: It started as a Dare at first in a backyard in North Tulsa, OK.

Question 3: As in a Truth or Dare kind of game?

Garfield Wilson III:  As In You Can Ride Old Rocso In The Backyard of a Dare A Old Bucking Bull My Cousin Own.

Question 4:  Nice! So we need details.. How was the Dare and did you ride it all the way to the pay window?

Garfield Wilson III: I Got Geared Up for The First Time an they loaded Old Rocso In The Chutes And I Rode Him Till He Stopped Bucking.

Question 5: Nice. So what happened after that first bull ride? Did you go to any bull riding schools to better yourself?

Garfield Wilson III: I entered My first Rodeo, and Got Bucked Off an Seen that Every bull Wasn’t as Easy as Old Rosco. Found A place that bucks bulls called Club Rodeo In Wichita, Kansas! They Buck Bulls Every Friday and Saturday night With $500 added.


Question 6: Exactly! Every bull is different. So, how did you over come that obstacle to get yourself to cover every bull that u ride?

Garfield Wilson III: When I started Going To Club Rodeo I Met Charlie McDonald Stock Contractor of McDonald Rodeo Company. Charlie Would Tell Me He had A Opportunity for me to Excel And That Meant He Had A Bull That needed To be Bucked. 

Question 7: You’re competing in the SEBRA (Southern Extreme Bull Riding Assoc) finals this weekend in Murfreesboro, TN. How are you getting yourself ready for that HUGE event?

Garfield Wilson III: Every Day Do My Drills On My Stationary Barrel Working On Form and making Adjustments.

Question 8: That’s how you do it! What exciting things do you have planned for 2015 in your bull riding career?

Garfield Wilson III: First Get The 2014 SEBRA Finals Out of the Way, and then I’m Going To Enter As Many Different Associations as I Can and Try To Win A Championship In 2015 in at least one.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder

Cookeville, TN


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