RodeoChat Interview: Northwestern Colorado Head Rodeo Coach – Jed Moore


10 Questions With Northwestern Colorado Head Rodeo Coach – Jed Moore

Question 1: Hello Jed! How are you doing this evening?

Jed Moore: Doing great, hoping to spread some information about college and college rodeo!

Question 2: First things first, in 140 Characters or less.. Explain what your job is as a Head College Rodeo Coach.

Jed Moore: I see myself as Mentor, Coach, Boss, Friend. I recruit, train, and try to better all of my athletes in and out of the arena.

Question 3: Loved all the details! So, how did you get this position? Did you have to apply for it or prove it by working rodeos?

Jed Moore: I applied for several head coach jobs, Monticello, AR, Odessa, TX, Sheridan, WY to name a few. CNCC was a great fit, 5yrs ago.

Question 4: That’s great! When you got the job was your college rodeo team at the top of their game or did you have to help build it up?

Jed Moore: Was fortunate enough to get to build the program from the ground up We’ve been blessed by the talent & results we’ve had so far.

Question 5: Could you go into detail more on what you mean by ” Building from the ground up” ?

Jed Moore: There was a run down fairgrounds a community hungry for something to support & no college rodeo here ūüôā we’ve come a LONG WAY!

Question 6: Let’s talk about the fun stuff.. The riders and the roughstock! How does one qualify/enter up a college rodeo team?

Jed Moore: Some teams limit their size, some take all students. There is approximately 150 schools in the USA with college rodeo teams. I recruit athletes from as far as MO, MI, OR, HI, CA, NV, AZ, WY, MT, TX, UT, NE, & of course, right here in beautiful CO! I forgot to add Canada to that list! Can’t forget my northern cowboys and cowgirls eh!?

Question 7: Have you ever thought about adding TN to that list? Lol

Jed Moore: I am ALWAYS looking at rodeo talent if they want to work hard, be pushed, and have a great college experience, CNCC is the place!

Question 8: Who are some of your top Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls on your team right now?

Jed Moore: I’ve got a lot of tough cowboys right now! Colby Demo, is currently the number 2 bull rider in the nation in college rodeo! Sophomore Brody Adams was 3rd in the AA & 3rd in the nation at the CNFR last year, he’s a TOUGH competitor in the TD & TR. I’ve got 2 GT sisters that are tearing them up this year!¬†Josie Dawn and her sister Teash.

Question 9: MAIN question is.. What do you look for in an athlete to be on your team? You obviously have good taste and your team members are already making charts.

Jed Moore: The first thing I look at is grades! solid work ethic, arena ability coachability mental toughness, mature Social Media presence.

Question 10: Last question, What is your goal as a whole team for 2015?

Jed Moore: Qualify a team for the CNFR again and bring the SPARTANS their first National Title! We’ve got the depth and spread to do it!

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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