RodeoChat Interview: PRCA Cowboy – Ty Viers


Photo Credit – Pamela Hynek


Photo sent in by, Ty Viers

12 Questions with PRCA Cowboy, Ty Viers

Question 1: You just walked into the studio to do a radio interview. DJ gives you 140 characters to introduce yourself. Your 140 are?

Ty Viers: Hey everyone how’s it going I’m Ty Viers PRCA cowboy outta the small town of Comstock, Nebraska.

Question 2: You mentioned that you’re a PRCA Cowboy. What’s the definition of a PRCA Cowboy to you?

Ty Viers: Someone who busts their butt as much as they can down the road to achieve their goals in the PRCA. While promoting the sport.

Question 3: Couldn’t agree more! I see that you ride bulls in the PRCA, but is there any other rodeo events that you compete in as well?

Ty Viers: In High School I roped steers and made the National finals as a heeler. I still rope once in awhile when I get the chance to.

Question 4: Very interesting! But, you decided to take the bull riding trail.. Why is that?

Ty Viers: Well when I was Itty Bitty I remember watching the bull riding at the NFR on TV and fell in love with it. And the rest is history!

Question 5: Lol! I like it. So, I’m just curious.. Are you a first generation rodeo cowboy OR does it run in your family?

Ty Viers: It definitely runs in the family. My dad rode bulls in the PRCA for a while, my step dad ropes a lot and rode buckin horses.

Question 6: Nice! So did your family help you become the bull rider you are today or did you attend bull riding schools?

Ty Viers: Well I owe my star to my step dad and the fact that I always rode horses as a kid. Riding bulls is really no different.

Question 7: I noticed that you mentioned the PRCA trail a lot. What made you choose the PRCA trail vs. other bull riding Assocs?

Ty Viers: There’s just something about those yellow buckin chutes and that gold buckle…

Question 8: Can’t blame you there! By the way, you just finished up in Odessa, Texas this past weekend with some NFR qualifiers. How did it go?

Ty Viers: Yep! Just got home yesterday actually. I ended up getting bucked off a good bull from D&H cattle unfortunately.

Question 9: How do you get over a bad weekend of rodeoing? Do you hit up the practice pen an work out your kinks?

Ty Viers: Most times lately I’ll hit up my rodeo coach Dustin Elliott and see what I can learn from him. He’s always got good advice.

Question 10: Wow! That’s awesome! You are one lucky Cowboy to have a coach like Dustin Elliott! What is it like having Dustin as a Rodeo Coach?

Ty Viers: It’s great! Definitely inspiring when you get to hear stories and see pictures of things you see yourself accomplishing.

Question 11: Most Def! What rodeos can we expect to see you competing at next?

Ty Viers: Well I just entered Ft. Worth today and I’ll be in Rapid City, Jackson, MS and Bismark, ND are the upcoming ones!

Question 12: Where can all of the RodeoChat fans keep up with you down the rodeo trail?

Ty Viers: Everyone can keep up with me by liking my Facebook fan page ( , by following me on Instagram ( And of course on Twitter (

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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