Rodeo Chat Interview: Professional Bull Rider – Jeremy Jex


Rodeo Chat Interview: 9 Questions with Professional Bull Rider, Jeremy Jex

Question 1: Jeremy, You have quite a story to tell. In 140 characters or less.. Give the folks that are tuning in tonight an intro about yourself?

Jeremy Jex: I stared riding again seriously to prove that with the right mindset you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.

Question 2: When you say you started riding again.. What do you mean by that? Also, when you took a break from riding was it to get your mind right?

Jeremy Jex: I got married and started a family right out of HS, and wasn’t in a position to provide for a family and ride at the same time. No insurance, very little income and no support at home to continue riding. I got back into it more as a hobby at first. But, while coaching my sons baseball team, there was some negative comments made about our team, and how we weren’t good enough. That’s when my wife and I decided to take it serious and prove that you can be successful no matter who you are.

Question 3: My next question for you is.. At what age did you decide to take a break from bull riding and at what age did you decide to come back to Bull Riding?

Jeremy Jex: I was 19 when I walked away. I started training and riding again when I was 35.

Question 4: Is it harder for you now to get back in the game vs. back when you were in your teens?

Jeremy Jex: Yes, it is definitely hard to get and stay in shape now vs. back then. 4 days a week in the gym and drills every night.

Question 5: Can you give us an example of some of the workouts/drills that you do everyday to stay in shape?

Jeremy Jex: I do 2 upper body workouts, and two lower body and core workouts a week. I work on a stationary barrel and drop barrel.

Question 6: So now that your back in the arena showing those bulls whats up.. How does it feel to back riding bulls again?

Jeremy Jex: I love it if there is any doubt in your mind, your results will be subpar. But that goes for anything.

Question 7: So now that you’re back to riding at the prime time age of 35. Where rodeos or assocs. Do you plan on entering up in?

Jeremy Jex: I competed last year on my permit in the Wilderness Circuit at 8 events and filled my permit. But, broke my pelvis in Vernal, Utah. But, now that I am healed up I am planning on competing in the PRCA again and also the PBR TPD and Velocity events.

Question 8: Yikes! Sounds painful. So you filled your permit on 8 events an ended it on a rough note. How do you overcome speed bumps?

Jeremy Jex: There is always speed bumps in life, you have to stay positive and keep the end goal in site. I believe so much in my message I couldn’t just walk away. My speed bumps might be more physically painful, but others are more emotionally painful.

Question 9: What’s your next goal you’re working on for 2015 and how are you going to reach that goal?

Jeremy Jex: Rookie of the year is right there at the top of the list. But most important is to make a difference in the way people look at themselves. Nobody should say I can’t, or I failed. But it has to start from within your own Self-Image. Don’t ever give up! You never know maybe with a little backing you’ll see me in Vegas next December!

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