RodeoChat Interview: Rodeo Clown AND Barrelman – Slim Garner



12 Questions with Rodeo Clown AND Barrelman – Slim Garner

Question 1: How did you get introduced into the rodeo industry?

Slim Garner: My Dad Clowned from the late 50’s to the mid 70’s.

Question 2: Awesome! Who was your dad? What was it about your dad that inspired you to try out rodeo clowning?

Slim Garner: Darrell Garner is my dad, I grew up hearing Wild West stories about Rodeoin. Had to try it myself at 17.

Question 3: So hearing your dad wild west stories inspired you try out rodeo clowning? What story pushed you to try out Rodeo Clowning for yourself at the age of 17?

Slim Garner: Seemed like more fun than cleaning birds for a living!

Question 4: You tried out Rodeo Clowning for the first time at the age of 17.. What was it like, and what rodeo town was it in?

Slim Garner: I was in the big town of Longton KS. I found out first hand that Bulls eyes glow under arena lights! Don’t watch em long tho!

Question 5: After your first rodeo clowning gig in KS. You decided this was where you wanna be? What happened next after your first rodeo gig?

Slim Garner: I fell in love with it! Worked open shows through High School and College then smaller Associations. PRCA card in 2000.

Question 6: Now your Rodeo Clowning at rodeos all over the world. What steps did you take to get where you’re at today? Ex. Rodeo Clown schools? Videos? Research?

Slim Garner: The long road of hard knocks and dumb luck! Lol. I just went anywhere someone would hire me!

Question 7: So tell us folks some of your Rodeo Clown Acts you take down the rodeo trail.

Slim Garner: I have an Airplane, BBQ Grill, Fishing Boat, and a Cowboy Cadillac. You can watch em on YouTube!


BBQ Girll:

Fishing Boat:

Question 8: Where do you come up with the ideas for your rodeo clown acts?

Slim Garner: Sleep deprivation! Lol just look at everyday things and wonder how I could make it explode! (in a good way) PS. Coors products have a lot to do with the creative process

Question 9: What act of yours is the most popular down the rodeo trail?

Slim Garner: Everybody’s favorite is the Airplane. (Check back to Q7 for the viceo of the airplane act)

Question 10: Do you have any new rodeo clown acts that you’re gonna try out in 2015 ?

Slim Garner: I have one on the drawing board. I hope I get the time to build it this winter.

Question 11: You have performed at a lot of rodeos all over the world. What rodeo has been your Favorite and what rodeo are you looking forward to do your rodeo clown act at in 2015?

Slim Garner: I have about thirty that I hold dear to my heart. I guess Salinas is my Favorite though. I’d like to work St. Paul, OR before I’m done.

Question 12: Last Question, is there anyone you would like to thank OR anything you would like to let the fans know about?

Slim Garner:  I’d like to thank Michele Daae for getting me into the 21st century and all the fans from coast to coast! See ya down the Trail!

For those, that are wanting to keep up with Slim down the rodeo trail can do so by following Slim on his social media networks:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Paige Gregory

Rodeo Chat Owner And Founder


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