RodeoChat Interview: 2014 Mercedes, Tx CBR Champion – Wyatt Rogers


10 Questions With Up And Coming Bull Rider – Wyatt Rogers

Question 1: So, I was reading through your timeline on twitter the other day and you had mentioned you won the Steer Wrestling and Bull Riding event. Why did you choose to compete in Steer Wrestling vs. another rough stock event like bareback riding or saddle bronc?

Wyatt Rogers: No member in my family actually grew up a rough stock rider! My dad team roped and steer wrestled professionally!

Question 2:  Wow! So how does it feel to start a new trend in your family?

Wyatt Rogers: It feels great! But I’ve always been around rodeo since I was born, it’s pretty much in my blood.

Question 3: So, I have to ask.. How did you get the nerve to sit on the back of a bull a be able to nod your head for 90?

Wyatt Rogers:  I guess that’s just my crazy bone that I have in my body I love the rush it gives you!

Question 4: Who were some of your mentors that have helped you chase your bull riding dreams, and got you into the Bull Rider that you are today?

Wyatt Rogers: We actually put on Jr. Rodeos and Ryan Dirteater came through our rodeos so he is my major mentor.

Question 5: That’s awesome! What was it like working with Ryan Dirteater? What’s one highlight that stuck out the most working with Ryan?

Wyatt Rogers: It was great Ryan is an awesome individual and lives life right! I am actually at his house right now!

Question 6: You actually just finished up riding a practice bull at his place a couple of seconds ago.. How did you do?

Wyatt Rogers: I did good I got my bull rode and Ryan marked me a score of 75!

Question 7: One of your recent headlines was the Mercedes, TX Championship Bull Riding event. How does it feel to ride bulls at that level for your first time?

Wyatt Rogers: It feels great, I couldn’t ask for a better start in the CBR!


Question 8: We have a fan question sent in from Cowboy outfitter. They’d like to know what was your favorite thing about Cowboy outfitter USA Camp?

Wyatt Rogers: My favorite part of the camp was all the great hospitality and getting to meet everyone! They were grateful enough to help show me the right path to start on!

Question 9: What are your plans after High School? Are you going to attend college or take on bull riding full-time?

Wyatt Rogers: I plan on going to college, undecided where at yet!

Question 10: What’s next in your rodeo / bull riding career? What events can we see you at next?

Wyatt Rogers: I plan on going to the rest of the cbr tour events! The next one is January 10!

You can follow Wyatt Rogers down the bull riding and rodeo trail by following him on his social media sites:




Paige Gregory

Owner And Founder Of Rodeo Chat


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