RodeoChat Interview: Up And Coming Professional Bull Rider – Garrett Sibley


16 Questions with Up And Coming Professional Bull Rider – Garrett Sibley

Question 1: You don’t look like our typical bull rider you’d see today. How did you get into the whole bull riding scene?

Garrett Sibley: I got on a few calves till my brother got hurt. Then went to a PBR in Little Rock I told my mom I wanted to ride.

Question 2: You’re pretty young too. Your only 18, Correct?

Garrett Sibley: Yeah! I turned 18 in February.

Question 3: How does it feel to be the young gun going down the bull riding trail?

Garrett Sibley: Its alright, knowing I belong there is the best part about it giving 110% and never giving up.

Question 4: That’s what it’s all about! So, what was it like riding on the pbr tpd level in little rock, Arkansas?

Garrett Sibley: It was great! Everyone I’ve been to has been amazing and getting a score was great.

Question 5: Give us a RECAP of how the Little Rock PBR TPD went. ( What bulls did you get on, etc.)

Garrett Sibley: Well Friday night I got on a bull called Turbo he was unridden on pro bull stats and that’s the kind of bulls I’ve always liked. I just overrode him and Saturday night my long round bull was wild dreams he bucked the guy off the first night. I didn’t know what he’d do he came out and I just rode him jump for jump and got me a score I made it back to the short go.  My short go was like ranked 200th something on pro bull stats bad in the box but I got out on him easy he came into my hand, and I was riding him and just got behind on him and he threw me off a little before the whistle.

Question 6: In total, how many PBR TPD events have you ridden at so far?

Garrett Sibley: I’ve been to about 10 maybe, and the next two weekends I’ll have two more to add.

Question 7: Just Curious, how did you work your way up into the PBR TPD level so fast, and at such a young age?

Garrett Sibley: I started when I was 13, started getting on touring pro level bulls at 14 I was riding them and just kept at it.

Question 8: Right! But, did you ride in any other assocs. or armature rodeo/bull ridings before the PBR level?

Garrett Sibley: Yeah. I’ve ridden in some in Arkansas and Missouri. I’d get in Jr and open and ride my open bulls as easy as Jr. ones.

Question 9:  That’s awesome! Who was your mentor in the bull riding industry?

Garrett Sibley:  I didn’t know anything when I started, but after its been Denny Flynn he was my bull riding coach.

Question 10: Wicked! How did he shape you up into the bull rider that you are today?

Garrett Sibley: He’s always believed in me since day one! He explained a lot to me that helped mentally. He’s a great guy!

Question 11: First time you were proud of an achievement in bull riding?

Garrett Sibley: I’ve been proud of everything I’ve achieved in bull riding it shows hard work pays off and dreams come true.

Question 12: Has your 2014 Bull Riding season wrapped up? If so, what are your goals for 2015?

Garrett Sibley: My goals to win new titles I haven’t won and win me a PBR touring pro event and keep getting better.

Question 13: You’re a young gun on the scene, and you’re also trying to make a name for yourself and gain sponsors. How is that going?

Garrett Sibley: Well.. I have to say making a name for myself is going easier and better than getting sponsors.

Question 14: Is it easier to make a name for yourself in the bull riding industry vs. the rodeo industry?

Garrett Sibley: I don’t believe so. I think if you are bad than anyone will remember you’re name no matter what you’re doing.

Question 15: If you could change one rule about the bull riding industry.. What would it be, and why?

Garrett Sibley:  I wouldn’t change anything. It’s fair the way it is. I think all the rules about it seem to fit in place.

Question 16: Where can all the folks tuning into tonight catch you next down the bull riding trail?

Garrett Sibley: All over. I’ll be in Oklahoma at some PBRs these next two weekends. Then there’s no telling.. LOL wherever money is.

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Paige Gregory

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