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2014 Miss Ponoka Stampede – Katy Lucas Photo Credit – Ian Neill Photography

16 Questions with 2014 Miss Ponoka Stampede – Katy Lucas

Question 1: First time I say you, you were doing media for rodeos in Canada. Now, you’re 2014 Miss Ponoka Stampede. What made you decide you wanted to do queening in the rodeo industry?

Katy Lucas: I’ve always been interested in the rodeo queen world and I’ve held 3 titles.

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Katy Lucas and MRA 1995

Question 2: That’s amazing! Which 3 titles?

Katy Lucas: Miss Rodeo Carstairs (my hometown), Alberta High School Rodeo Queen and now Miss Ponoka Stampede.

Question 3: What’s it like being Miss Ponoka Stampede?

Katy Lucas: The Ponoka Stampede is the largest (Approved) rodeo in Canada and top 5 in the world so it’s a prestigious title to hold. I’ve been treated so well by the Stampede and all the rodeos that have hosted me throughout my year, it’s been an amazing season.

Question 4: What’s the hardest thing about being Miss Ponoka Stampede and what’s the easiest?

Katy Lucas: Hardest thing is living up to the title, you are a role model for many and it puts a lot of pressure on you. Easiest Thing is promoting the sport of rodeo, its my true passion and it spreads into every aspect of my life.

Question 5: Where are some of the places that you’ve had the chance to travel to and that you have been to before?

Katy Lucas: As Miss Ponoka Stampede I traveled to Rocky Mountain House, Innisfail, the Calgary Stampede, and more pro rodeos. In the past, I have pretty much been to every rodeo in North America when my dad was a Pro Rodeo Canada and PRCA Roper.

Question 6: I noticed that a lot of rodeo queens have to go out and find sponsors to help support their rodeo queen journey. What sponsors helped you get down the rodeo road?

Katy Lucas: Many queens are on their own to provide for their year but the Ponoka Stampede has been a huge help for me. The Ponoka Stampede works with partners atb financial, ram trucks, Eagle builders, Long Run Exploration, Budweiser and Pidherneys. As a competitor myself I also have personal sponsors La Due Ladies, Lincoln County Oilfield and Lone Star Ropes.

Question 7: Right now, you’re getting ready to run for Miss Rodeo Canada. What are you doing to prepare yourself?

Katy Lucas: Studying the rulebook and media guide, practicing horsemanship, modelling, public speaking, and promoting myself!

Question 8: What aspect do you enjoy the most out of those you listed?

Katy Lucas: I’m a huge public speaker! I’m very excited about my prepared speech for the competition – it’s called “Cowboy Cribs” . The public speaking competition is Wednesday at 2 PM at the Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton if anyone wants to watch!

Question 9: At what rodeo in Canada do they crown the NEW Miss Rodeo Canada?

Katy Lucas: Crowning is during the Friday perf of the Canadian Finals Rodeo. The Canadian Finals Rodeo hosts the top 12 in each event.

Question 10: Who are you looking forward to seeing compete?

Katy Lucas: The Ponoka Stampede is sending 9 local contestants to the Canadian Finals Rodeo this year: Jake Vold, Luke Butterfield, Levi Simpson, Dean Edge, Tyrel Flewelling, Logan Bonnett, Tyler Pankewitz, Brook Robertson and Trygve Pugh.

Question 11: You don’t just barrel race , you’re a team roper as well. Do you feel like your roping give you an advantage for Miss Rodeo Canada?

Katy Lucas: I actually sold my barrel horse to buy a rope horse! No more cloverleaf for me! I think it helps! At the Ponoka Stampede this year Miss Rodeo Canada and I roped a steer during the purf! It helps rodeo queens be seen as “real” cowgirls again, like in the old days when they were all fierce competitors. It’s cool to rope with the pros!

Question 12: That sounds like a great time! How was it to rope at your rodeo and how did your run go?

Katy Lucas: TERRIFYING! I’ve roped with a lot of money on the line, but exhibition runs are hard! During our run It was pouring rain and freezing but in the end we would have placed in the round!

Question 14: How often do you compete?

Katy Lucas: This year has been quiet because of my title but in Arizona in the winters I jackpot almost every day of the week.

Question 15: Let’s talk about your horses. Which do you take Ropings? Do you take one or two?

Katy Lucas: My main mount is “Bear” he’s an 11 year old Palamino I bought this winter – he’s amazing, he’s already paid himself off! My heel horse is a legend! His name is Tater and he’s half pony. He’s been owned by college girls and pro ropers.

Question 16: If you had the chance to change one of the rules in the rodeo industry, what would it be and why?

Katy Lucas: I may open up a can of worms here but, EQUAL MONEY FOR TEAM ROPERS! It’s about time it happened! Canada made team roping a major event last year so we’re on our way!

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