RodeoChat Interview: Rodeo Entertainer – Dave “Showtime” Meyer


Dave “Showtime” Meyer Photo Credit: Taylor Ejdys

6 Questions with Rodeo Entertainer – Dave “Showtime” Meyer:

Question 1: What made you decide you wanted to be a Rodeo Entertainer Vs. someone who competes in rodeos?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: Rode bulls for about 10 years. I bucked off a lot. Love the sport, love entertaining & I’m much prettier with makeup on.

Question 2: How did you get your start in the Rodeo Entertainer industry? Did you attend any schools or did you learn on your own?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: I guess in the back of my mind I always wanted to try clowning but didn’t want to quit riding. I have seen lots of bad clowns at hundreds of shows and knew I could do better. I clowned a little local showdeo last year& KILLED IT. No schools, but lots of experience from the other side of the chutes gave me a great feel of what it takes to help put on a good show.

Question 3: In your opinion, what makes a great rodeo clown?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: Someone that can shoot from the hip, be ready for anything & adjust to each crowd. Things rarely go ‘as planned’ when dealing with livestock. Being a people person is a must! That’s what it’s all about, THE FANS! Making sure they are having fun.

Question 4: Before, the chat.. You had mentioned you were at the Practice pen. How do you practice your rodeo clown act at the Pen?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: I don’t practice, I make it up as I go. I pull gates, pop latches and tell wild west stories at the practice pen.

Question 5: How did your rodeo entertaining career go in 2014? Any special highlights?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: OUTSTANDING! It was my first full year clowning and I was very busy. God has really blessed me and opened SO many doors. I’m in the running for SEBRA barrelman of the year. (Sweet) & having producers already rebooking me for 2015 is awesome.

Question 6: Last Question, What makes you so different from all of thee other rodeo entertainers?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer:  What makes me different? I’m not a joke teller with cheesy one liners. I don’t blow stuff up and steal acts from other people. I am high energy, family friendly fun entertainment. I rarely stop moving. Either in the crowd or in the arena. I do lots of physical comedy. I want people to leave the show & remember me & the way I made them feel I want them to say SHOWTIME was awesome!


Dave “Showtime” Meyer Photo Credit: Taylor Ejdys

Fan Questions:

Katie Lane (@mklane84) on Twitter sent in: What would you suggest someone who wants to get started in rodeo entertainment? What steps should they take?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: Watch the sport from every angle. Be involved behind the scenes in any way you can. It’s best to know rodeo inside and out. It also takes a very unique personality.You have to be comfortable taking control of situations in front of big crowds.

Heather Cannon (@HeatherisCGG) on Twitter sent in: Have you ever been caught by a bull? Any injuries?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: Clowning, no. I’m the fastest white boy you’ll ever see when a bull is chasing me. Riding, yes. Lots of injuries.

Gabi Jaffee (@RodeoWrecks) on Twitter sent in: What was the best perf you’ve ever had and what made it so special?

Dave “Showtime” Meyer: Tough question. I’ve had a few where everything I did the crowd went nuts. I did 15 shows at Pocono Rodeo and 1 show the crowd was cheering SO LOUD! I bowed and they just got louder. I developed a HUGE fanbase there.

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