RodeoChat Interview: Professional Bull Rider – Shawn Best II



12 Questions with Professional Bull Rider – Shawn Best II

Question 1: How were you introduced to the Bull Riding Industry?

Shawn Best II: I grew up in a rodeo family it’s all I’ve ever known.

Question 2: That’s awesome! At what age did you get on your first bull, and do you remember where it was at?

Shawn Best II: Yes. it was at my uncle’s a retired NFR bull red cloud I was in the 7th grade scared to death but excited at the same time.

Question 3: Give us the details about your first time riding a bull.. How long did you last and did the bull act up?

Shawn Best II: I stayed on the bull was to old to buck he was gentle like a big dog lol just lunged around but really strong.

Question 4: So you rode your first bull at the age of 7 and you stuck to it.. What happened next? Did you attend bull riding schools?

Shawn Best II:  I was 13 7th grade I went to my dads rodeo schools, just basically did what my dad told me I didn’t know anything about rodeo.

Question 5: So you kind of took a risk in the bull riding world? Was it hard to take this HUGE risk or were you all for this risk?

Shawn Best II: It’s all I ever wanted to be my mom told me I was a waste of intelligence lol because all I wanted to be was a cowboy.

Question 6: So how did you work your way up to the professional level that your at today?

Shawn Best II: Hard work always believed in myself had many doubters but hustled and always put my heart on the line every time.

Question 7: Those are some great words to live by. So what assocs.did you ride in that pushed you onto the PBR level with the big dogs?

Shawn Best II: I did PRCA had a lot of success always was consistent at riding just injuries held me up.

Question 8:  In 2011 you were awarded the title world champion bull rider at the INFR Finals! Now, that the finals are coming up in 2014 Who do you think has a shot at winning the 2014 INFR Bull Riding event at this years finals?

Shawn Best II: My pick would be Dakota Louis

Question 9:  Let’s talk about bucking bulls! Give us your top 5 FAV bucking bulls of all time that you may have rode or seen.

Shawn Best II: My favorite bull is Bobby when I was a kid owned by big bend bushwacker, red rock, reindeer, and bodacious never been on any.

Question 10: What are your plans for 2015 down the bull riding trail?

Shawn Best II: PRS, PBR, INFR and hit as many events as I possibly can try my hardest every time.

Question 11: Isn’t this your first time riding in the PRS series?

Shawn Best II: Yes it will be but looking forward to it a great association tough cowboys and would love to be apart of it.

Question 12: What’s one motto that you live by that helps you chase your dreams?

Shawn Best II: Something my dad’s always said “Because I’m a Cowboy”.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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