RodeoChat Interview: 2014 INFR Qualifier – Slick Phelps



13 Questions with 2014 INFR Qualifier – Slick Phelps:

Question 1: Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.. So, how did you get introduced to the bull riding industry?

Slick Phelps:  I’ve grown up helping my dad on the ranch taking care of cattle. I loved watching PBR on TV and got on my first calf at age 4.

Question 2: Why bull riding though? Why not bareback or team roping?

Slick Phelps: Bullriding is the main event! Everybody wants to watch! I love the adrenaline! I’ve grown up watching PBR!

Question 3: So I have to ask.. Whose your pick to win the world finals in Vegas?

Slick Phelps: I’d have to say Silvano Alves!! His consistency is awesome! Back to Back World Champ!

Question 4: You’re a pretty flashy bull rider.. Were you self-taught? Did you attend any bull riding schools?

Slick Phelps:  I grew up learning with 3 Mile Creek Rodeo Co. they took the time to mentor and work with me. Appreciate all they’ve done!  I’ve also had the privilege of attending a rodeo school by Gary Leffew.

Question 5: What was it like working with Gary Leffew?

Slick Phelps:  It was awesome! He taught me about technique and the mental aspect of what it takes to be champion! I carry that today!

Question 6:  If you had to describe your riding style.. How would you describe it?

Slick Phelps: I put a lot of second effort and try into my riding, I let my body react, and keep my mind focused.

Question 7:  I love your Instagram posts! Your so creative and always coming up with something new!  How important is social media for a guy like you in the bull riding industry?

Slick Phelps:  It’s a way for me to interact with friends and families, keep everyone updated on my bull riding endeavors. Love the support!

Question 8: You have some amazing vintage cowboy hats. So, Which vintage hat do you have That’s your FAV a means the most?

Slick Phelps: I’ve always admired the character and ol’ school looks. 70’s! I really don’t have a particular favorite but just enjoy the style!

Question 9: First off, congrats on qualifying for the INFR (Indian National Finals Rodeo). How excited were you when you found out you get to ride in Vegas in Nov?

Slick Phelps:  I was very happy! Last year I qualified at 17 yrs. old and bucked off my bulls, so I’m riding everything this year!!!

Question 10: Do you have any favorite bulls you’ve been on in your bull riding career?

Slick Phelps:  I really don’t have a favorite but had the privilege of riding many great bulls!

Question 11:  How did 2014 treat you down the bull riding trail? Did you break any records?

Slick Phelps: I’ve had a great year! I am back to back GPIRA (Great Plains Indian Rodeo Assoc.) Year end Champ! Everything turned out just right!

Question 12:  What’s your plans for 2015?

Slick Phelps:  I plan on getting my PBR Velocity Touring Pro card and hitting those all summer along with the INFR tours! Gonna be busy!

Question 13: What’s one motto that you live by that’s helped you chase your dreams?

Slick Phelps: “90 or Nothin” meaning, give it your all every time! Ride each bull like it’s your last! Just have fun with it 🙂

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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