RodeoChat Interview – Rodeo Girl Movie


9 Questions with Rodeo Girl Movie

Question 1: How did the movie “Rodeo Girl” Come about?

Rodeo Girl Movie: Co-producers Joel Paul Reisig & Lucas Miles wanted to create a movie based on fabulous script from Tricia hopper and Aletha Rodgers.

Question 2: How hard was it to find the characters that fit the part in the movie?

Rodeo Girl Movie: Grand Rapids has great film talent, stellar leading characters of Sophie Bolen and Derek Brandon, and super star Kevin Sorbo.


Question 3: Why focus the movie on barrel racing? I mean, It would be cool to see a gal chase her dreams to be a world champion Bull Rider in the form of a movie.

Rodeo Girl Movie: That would be awesome! We can’t say too much but we worked with pro bull rider Tyler Kijac too.

Question 4: What was it like working with Kevin Sorbo? (Best known as TV’s Hercules)

Rodeo Girl Movie: Kevin, Definitely brings a lot to the film and looks like he’s owned this ranch for 20 years, great job of looking the part.

Question 5: How long will it take to film Rodeo Girl and how much have you filmed already?

Rodeo Girl Movie: It’ll take a little over 2 weeks and we’re halfway through week 1.


Question 6: Earlier you had posted that you were looking for extras for “Rodeo Girl”. What will these extras be doing and how can they sign up?

Rodeo Girl Movie: We need them this Saturday, email for the details! RSVP Required.

Question 7: In one of your posts on Instagram I saw that you had Professional Bull Rider Tyler Kijac on set. What was it like working with Tyler?

Rodeo Girl Movie: Pro Bull Rider, Tyler Kijac definitely brought a legit vibe to the set of Rodeo Girl.

Question 8: You already have outlets in Australia, UK and France that will carry the movie. How about the folks in the states? Where can they buy the movie at in 2015?

Rodeo Girl Movie: We will distribute worldwide in 2015, look 4 it in major outlets near you or on your favorite online stream. For More info, check out their fan page on Facebook:

Question 9: I’ve noticed that you guy’s have been working the heck out of your social media accounts. How important is social media for a project like Y’all’s?

Rodeo Girl Movie: It’s been awesome seeing the support, we love horses, rodeos, and film! We do it for the fans.

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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