RodeoChat Interview: PRCA Steer Wrestler – Kyle Irwin

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9 Questions with PRCA Steer Wrestler – Kyle Irwin

Question 1: I was reading your bio and it mentioned that you learned from the best Steer Wrestling coach 3X world champion Steve Duhon. What was it like attending his Schools, and learning from a 3X world champion?

Kyle Irwin: A lot of dedication. A guy who has accomplished what he has is someone you want to pay attention to. He believes in running a lot of steers!

Question 2: When you say a lot of dedication.. What kind of sacrifices did you make to dedicate yourself to Steve Duhon’s Steer Wrestling school?

Kyle Irwin: School started the day after thanksgiving and lasted 3 days. If a steer got away from us or you didn’t put fourth much effort We ran laps. And we ran a lot of steers, so we got tired and they got away but it didn’t matter still had to run. Made us realize if we really wanted to Steer Wrestle or not.

Question 3: 2014 Seemed like your breakout year on the PRCA Circuit. You won a lot of big rodeos and some average. Care to give us a recap?

Kyle Irwin: It all started at the RNCFR, I worked hard for that and told myself if I did good I would go rodeo. And as it turned out I Won it and seemed to snowballed from there, little bit of experience from not making the NFR the past two years helped. The guys I rodeoed with helped a lot also.

Question 4: Tell us about your main Steer Wrestling horse you use on the PRCA trail right now.

Kyle Irwin: His name is Sketch, he belongs to Tyler Pearson. The first time I rode him was last fall and knew he was the horse I wanted to be on, he is a smaller horse but has a big motor. Makes my job easier and fun! Tyler hazed for me all year and He hazes very well so I had it easy and just stayed focused on my steer wrestling.


Question 5: First off, congratulations on qualifying for the NFR! How excited are you and what kind of sacrifices did you make to make This “Dream” happen?

Kyle Irwin: Thanks so much, well when you do something you love the sacrifices seem to be worth it, but I’m gone from home a lot. I miss My family and the summers at home, hours of practicing when I am home. But the fulfillment of accomplishing that goal Seems to be worth it! My friends and family are proud and happy for me so the sacrifices are worth it.

Question 6: Who are you traveling down the rodeo trail with in 2015?

Kyle Irwin: Haven’t thought that far ahead yet, I’ll stay with Sketch so wherever he goes gonna try and be in that rig.

Question 7: What are your goals for the 2015 Rodeo season?

Kyle Irwin: Continue to succeed try and be a threat for the World title. Be on top of my game and get better everyday. I feel that coming Off of a good finals, I’ll be able to feed off it and continue winning!

Question 8: By the way, fantastic job in FL this weekend coming in 2nd in the Steer Wrestling event! What’s it like competing in the champions challenge events?

Kyle Irwin: Thanks again. They are good for promoting our sport, and my first one went well. So hope it continues and we will see how the others go.

Question 9: Last Question, What’s one quote you live by that helps motivate you?

Kyle Irwin: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Owner And Founder


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