RodeoChat Interview: PBR Bull Rider – Thad Newell


8 Question with PBR Bull Rider – Thad Newell

Question 1: How did you get introduced into the rodeo and bull riding industry?

Thad Newell: My whole family has been in rodeo. From bull doggers to bareback riders.

Question 2: Interesting! So did you try any of those other events your family did.. Before, you chose to focus on bull riding?

Thad Newell:  Yes, I still rope a lot. I started roping calves first then started riding bulls after that.  Also steer wrestled since I was 17

Question 3: Holy Cow! So why didn’t you decide to go for the all-around title in PRCA?

Thad Newell: That would be awesome but takes lots of resources and lots of help. I always wanted to though.

Question 4: This is true! So talk to us about your 2014 bull riding season. I saw from several of your posts you competed in quite a few different associations this year.

Thad Newell: I have had lots of ups an downs. A few injuries but that’s part of it. All I can do is heal up an never give up.

Question 5: Throughout your whole bull riding career.. What has been the craziest hang up you’ve been in?

Thad Newell: Lol, I dragged around an arena four times until my face bounced off the fence and knocked me out.

Question 6: Yikes! How do you stay motivated through injuries?

Thad Newell: I just picture myself at the top. And I’m not the giving up type. That goes for anything. Just how I was raised.

Question 7: Besides riding bulls.. You actually put on bull riding events! Tell us more about this series you started?

Thad Newell: We are just fixing to start a series and going to do it for our veterans. I’m going make it to all veterans get in free.

Question 8: Last Question, What’s next for you?

Thad Newell: Next stop is Clovis, New Mexico for the PBR at the end of OCT.

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