RodeoChat Interview: 2014 Miss Rodeo Tennessee – Morgan Blackhurst


10 Questions with Miss Rodeo Tennessee – Morgan Blackhurst

Question 1: How were you introduced into the rodeo industry?

Mogran Blackhurst: My dad, mom and step dad all competed. Pretty much every weekend I was at a rodeo.

Question 2:  Very cool! So what events in rodeo did you compete in growing up?

Morgan Blackhurst: I actually showed all around horses at AQHA shows growing up. I started running barrels and breakaway in college.

Question 3:  Awesome! So from competing at AQHA and at college rodeos how did you get into being Miss Rodeo TN?

Morgan Blackhurst:  I’ve done queen pageants in the past & after I moved to Nashville, I was contacted to help start the MRTn program

Question 4: So you don’t have to be from the state your competing for Miss Rodeo TN in to be accepted?

Morgan Blackhurst: No, I live in TN. This great opportunity popped up after I came here. It’s allowed me to travel & represent rodeo

Question 5: You haven’t lived in TN all of your life though? Correct?

Morgan Blackhurst: No, I was born and raised in Utah. I’m from a family of musicians so Nashville has always been my second home.

Question 6: I see! At what rodeo in TN did you take over the 2014 Miss Rodeo TN Title?

Morgan Blackhurst:  My first TN rodeo was the PRCA Buckin’ on the River in Savannah. I was actually crowned in TX at their pageant.

Question 7: Wow! So why weren’t you crowned at a TN rodeo than?

Morgan Blackhurst: Texas invites new programs to go through their pageant. This year myself, GA, AK, AL & IL participated.

Question 8: So now you’re getting yourself prepared to compete for Miss Rodeo America. How are you getting yourself prepared?

Morgan Blackhurst: I ride new horses as often as I can & never hesitate sharing our sport w/new people. I’m constantly studying also

Question 9: That’s the way to do it! What rodeo is next for you to attend?

Morgan Blackhurst:  My rodeo schedule is pretty slim right now. I’ll be going to a few amateur rodeos & then circuit finals in FL in Nov.

Question 10: Last question, if you were’t competing in rodeo or traveling to rodeos as Miss Rodeo TN.. What would you be doing instead?

Morgan Blackhurst: That’s tough! I would love to be studying abroad if I didn’t have such great things going for me right now.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Ownder And Founder


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