RodeoChat Interview: Shea Russell – Bull Rider



12 Questions With Bull Rider, Shea Russell:

Question 1: When you were first introduced to bull riding.. What was the very first thing that came to mind, and where was this bull riding at?

Shea Russell: I started riding when I was 9 and my dad got me into it he use to ride pro, an it was my home town show.

Question 2: Awesome! So did your dad teach you how to ride bulls or did you attend any bull riding schools?

Shea Russell:  Mainly my dad and then also John Jacobs helps me out also.

Question 3: You have been through a lot of success at such a young age! You just competed at the YBR (Youth Bull Riding World Finals) What was that like? 

Shea Russell: It was pretty cool I loved it down there was lot of excitement an also making a lot of new friends was great.

Question 4: What bulls did you get on at the YBR finals?

Shea Russell:  I don’t remember there numbers but they were a couple of D blands, 1 of exclusive genetics, and one of Johnson’s.

Question 5: Nice! You finished in the top 10 correct?

Shea Russell: Yes, that’s correct I wound up 6th!

Question 6: You also attend rodeo’s and bull riding’s all over the world..What’s it like competing with guy’s 5x older than you an winning the event?

Shea Russell:  It’s pretty cool especially some of the guys I looked up to when I was young an now we are at some of the same bull riding’s.

Question 7: I gotta ask! What’s one rodeo and one bull riding that stood out from the rest of the events you entered up in this summer?

Shea Russell: It’d have to be either Springfield, Missouri don gay pro bull tour or Coffeville, Kansas NFPB.

Question 8: Aside from bull riding.. Your also a stock contractor, and you attend school and a few other things.. How do you handle all that?

Shea Russell: That’s correct I’m a junior in high school I do it online so I have plenty of time to either be on the farm or rodeoing.

Question 9: Perfect! What’s the rodeo team like in MO? Do you travel to other rodeo/bull riding’s  events with guys from Missouri?


Shea Russell: I do travel with a couple guys every now an then but mainly it’s my dad an I.

Question 10:  What’s it like being part of a team that a gal put together? You know.. the Rodeo Wrecks team!

Shea Russell: it’s pretty great I’m glad that she gave me the opportunity to be a part of it!!

Question 11: What are your goals for the rest of this year in your bull riding career, and what do you have in store for 2015?

Shea Russell: Win the National federation of pro bull riders finals that are coming up. Late 2015 start riding PBR, PRCA, CBR.

Question 12: Last Question! What’s one thing that sets you apart from the rest.. what’s one motto you live by that helped you chase your dreams?

Shea Russell: Umm.. That I’ve been struck by lightening, an “don’t strive to be perfect strive to be better then you were yesterday”

If you’d like to follow Shea down the rodeo trail feel free to check this young gun out on his social media pages:

Twitter: and Facebook:


– Paige Gregory



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