One to watch for on the Rodeo Trail: Quenah Blake

Here’s Quenah Blake’s story on how he got started in Team Roping, and how he’s gonna make it to the top of the charts in the team roping standings:





I first started roping when a family friend gave me a rope and a dummy. I took to it throwing 350 loops every two days. Soon I was training a horse to rope while I was learning to rope off a horse. Now I am competing and roping in high numbered ropings. I’m loving every second I have in the seat of my circle y.

Two accomplishments I have achived is my 3.98 run and in every roping I’ve gone to I have advanced to the short round.

Two things I am working at is making teamroping my career and not just a huge part of my life but my entire life. Secondly I want to also heel in competitions.

My quote is speak softly and carry a big stick because I want my actions to speak louder then my words.

If you’d like to follow my journeys down the rodeo trail. Check me out at:
Twitter: @tuckershea221


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