RodeoChat Interview: PBR Bull Rider – Tyler Harr


Photo Credit: PBR

RodeoChat Interview: 12 Questions with Professional Bull Rider – Tyler Harr

Question 1: How did you catch the bug they like to call “bull riding”?

Tyler Harr: My dad rode bulls and I used to look at his old pics. My grandad had cattle and I looked up to both of them.

Question 2: Very cool! So at what age did you actually start getting on calves and into bull riding seriously?

Tyler Harr:  I was 7 when I got on for the first time.

Question 3: You started at age 7, and things kind of took off from there? Or did you try out any other rodeo events as well?

Tyler Harr: I just rode bulls in a few junior rodeo assoc. tried bareback horses one time and calf roping at a little britches.

Question 4: Nice! So before you got on the PBR tour..Did you ride in any other assoc before the PBR or when you were old enough you went Straight to PBR TPDS?

Tyler Harr: I started traveling to naba, nfpb, and BOA’s when I was 16. After turning 18 I started entering PBR but not regular til 2014.

Question 5: Gotcha! So what was the very first PBR event you entered at and what bull were matched up with?

Tyler Harr: LOL. kinda funny it was popular bluff. The bull was brindle Bob of Scott Burris everyone rode him and I fell off.

Question 6: You just picked up a WIN in Springdale this past weekend! Congrats! Care to give us a recap of the event?

Tyler Harr: It was a great event Jeff Lee produces.  I was 86 in the long go and 87 in the short round on king buck owned by bmc bucking bulls. (Click on the link below to watch this winning ride:

Question 7: And that win kicked you into the BFTS in Tulsa, Okla this coming weekend?

Tyler Harr: Yes it did I got the call today and was pretty stoked!

Question 8: How many times have you rode on the BFTS?


Photo Credit: Andy Gregory – Humps N Horns Bull Riding Magazine

Tyler Harr: Once before after winning the mobile, Al event I was called up to go to billings.

Question 9: What was it like riding on the BFTS for your very first time?

Tyler Harr: It was a dream come true. I froze on the first 2 bulls and got things going the last night but fell off at the whistle. I was really nervous and just clamped Down kinda like my first touring pro drew bulls I should of rode and fell off.

Question 10: When you aren’t riding bulls.. What do you like to do in your free time?

Tyler Harr: I spend time with my wife and daughter on a lake on our place and tend to the cattle we have so there’s not a lot of free time.

Question 11: So what are your plans for the rest of this year, and 2015 with your bull riding career?

Tyler Harr: My goals this year are making the finals and hopefully paying off our land. LOL then becoming a mainstay on tour next year.

Question 12: What’s something totally random about you that would kind of shock everyone?

Tyler Harr: My toes are painted pink…. My lil girl likes to paint my father in law and my toes. LOL

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host And Founder

Nashville, TN







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