15 Questions with Rodeo Wrecks:

Question 1: Love your whole idea of Rodeo Wrecks. But how did you come up with the idea of Rodeo Wrecks?

Rodeo Wrecks: I’m actually a rodeo photographer. I had so many pictures of wrecks and no one bought them! I decided to make an instagram for bull riding wrecks, then people started tagging me in their pictures. So I started posting theirs and mine and then opened it up to all of rodeo. 1.5 years later and I have 17k Instagram followers.

Question 2: By the way, I love the logo! When and how did you come up with a logo that’s so unique for Rodeo Wrecks?

Rodeo Wrecks: I actually drew it up myself! Got someone to graphic design it into a computer file.  I knew i wanted it to look SUPER gnarly, so I started thinking of famous bulls with rank horns. Little Yellow Jacket and a few others came to mind. It’s a combo of some of my favorite bulls. Plus the ring. Gotta do something to stand out!

Question 3: Female, and the founder of rodeo wrecks.. Is it tough being in an industry full of guys when your trying to shine bright?

Rodeo Wrecks: Yes and no. Yes, cuz a lot of guys don’t take you seriously. They don’t think I know rodeo, what I’m talking about. No, because I know my market, social media and what people like. Being a woman has never held me back. Us women are talking over rodeo!

Question 4: What rodeo/bull riding did Rodeo Wrecks break out at? Did people know about your rodeo wrecks when you attended the event?

Rodeo Wrecks: Haven’t really had a breakout rodeo. I went to the Flagstaff Pro Rodeo with Logan Blasdell couple weeks ago. I have been recognized at a couple rodeos, though, with my hat! Can’t wait for the NFR! Definitely gotta set something up! 

Question 5: In your bio on your Facebook fan page. You mentioned that you have a new clothing line out. Tell us about that, and is there any sales going on right now?

Rodeo Wrecks: Yes I do! I have 4 different styles of shirts! Made in the USA and great quality! Actually have a sale right now in honor of this appearance on RodeoChat! From now until Sunday, you can get 15% off of shirts at with code: RodeoChat


Paige Gregory Rocking Rodeo Wrecks!

Question 6: You mentioned earlier that you went to Flagstaff, AZ Pro Rodeo with Logan Blasdell. Did you get any ideas on how to market Rodeo Wrecks at rodeos/bull ridings?

Rodeo Wrecks: Definitely! In November, I’ll have a booth at a local rodeo here in Arizona. Can’t wait to do it! I’ll be sure to send you all the details! I think the best way is just be there!

Question 7: You have quite an amazing team! Care to tell a little bit about the people on your Rodeo Wrecks team?

Rodeo Wrecks: I have a TRULY AMAZING team of people representing me around the United States. Scotty Lindsey is a rank bull fighter out of Texas. He does rodeos and cowboy protection matches. Logan Blasdell is seriously one of the most talented bull fighters I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see where he goes. Kaley Mae Hook is a woman stock contractor taking the PBR by storm! Rank pen, gorgeous lady! Mike Hauner is a bull rider in Oregon. Young guy with a super bright future. Lots of heart and try. My boy Shea Russell is #6 in the world for bull riding. Just got back from the YBR World Finals.  Patrick Harrison is another great bull fighter out of New Mexico. Zach Harrison is a bronc rider and Gage Garton is a Bull Fighter. Oh and Erick Schwindt bull fighter too!

Question 8: So you have a great variety of rodeo athletes and bull riders on your team.. Do they inspire you for new clothing designs?

Rodeo Wrecks: Of course! Forgot to mention Garret Wilkinson bull fighter ! He’s drawn up a couple of ideas that are awesome! I try to design stuff that any rodeo lover or rodeo eventer will like and can wear! 

Question 9: So the PBR Finals and NFR are just a few months away.. Gonna create something for those events?

Rodeo Wrecks: Definitely going to come out with some hot new designs, so stay tuned!

Question 10: What are your plans for the rest of this year, and in 2015? Gonna do anything different?

Rodeo Wrecks: Definitely gonna get some booths at some rodeos. Head back home for the PPOB , my hometown rodeo. I want to grow Rodeo Wrecks as big as I possibly can! More merch, more fun, more wrecks! 

Question 11: Do you ever plan on going out of the states and market to fans in Brazil, Australia, Germany?

Rodeo Wrecks: Yes! I do ship to Australia and Canada already. Looking to expand into Brazil and Germany soon! Huge market in Brazil! Expanding there next! It’s all in the works!

Question 12: In order to expand too Germany and Brazil will you have to change-up your market a little bit? As in, spend time getting to know their rodeo/bull riding stars. Etc.

Rodeo Wrecks: Definitely! I know a couple Brazilian bull riders, but I’ll for sure do my homework! I think it’s awesome rodeo is so big overseas.

Question 13: How can our fans tuning in tonight get their photos featured on Rodeo Wrecks?

Rodeo Wrecks: They can email them to I also accept videos for RANKEST RODEO WRECKS! They can direct message me or hash tag on Instagram and Twitter. Message on Facebook. I strive to only show the best wrecks on the Web always! I have very high standards for the pics I post. Not blurry, and definitely rank! I think that’s what sets me apart.




Question 14: Do you post these photos and videos any certain day of the week or all the time?

Rodeo Wrecks: Videos are about once a week or every other week. Multiple pics a day! The RANKEST RODEO WRECKS are videos I put together. They’re my favorite!!

Question 15: Before, we end tonight’s Twitter-View. Is there someone who inspires/motivates you to grow even bigger and to take risks?

Rodeo Wrecks: You do! You’ve always inspired me. Kaley Mae  as well. Blessed to call you both friends. I’d have to say all the fans and my Team Rodeo Wrecks too. They’re all so supportive! I appreciate it so much! Look for BIG things from Rodeo Wrecks in the future!

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host And Founder


RodeoChat Interview: Rodeo Wrecks

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