RodeoChat Interview: PRCA Tie-Down Roper Lionel Brown

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13 Questions with PRCA Tie-Down Roper: Lionel Brown

Okay, before we start the questions. We gotta know where your joining us from tonight, and what’s your drink of choice?

Lionel Brown:  Joining you all from Natchez, MS, my favorite drink is Root Beer

Question 1: Everyone usually starts off interviews with how they got into Rodeo.. But, I wanna know why not football or basketball?

Lionel Brown: Well I played football in high school, I played football to get in shape for roping. Lifted weights, agility, and faster down the rope!

Question 2: So it turns out Football is a great Tie-Down Roping workout? Lol

Lionel Brown: Yes football is a great workout! Teaches you discipline, and how to be coachable. Allows you to learn how to both win and lose!

Question 3: The Rodeo trail can get pretty crazy at times.. How do you stay calm, and focused before you get ready to made a good run?

Lionel Brown: Before I compete I always pray! that relaxes me! If I mess up a calf first thing that comes to mind did I pray before the run. I never pray to win, just pray for the ability to do my best and let Him do the rest!

Question 4: What are your thoughts on the RFD-TV The American? Are you thinking about entering up one of their qualifier events?

Lionel Brown: Awesome, words can’t describe how great it is! Yes I will be entering the qualifiers held in Lafayette, LA and Pensacola, FL

Question 5: Do you feel like Tie-Down Roping is a dying breed in the rodeo industry? If so, how can you make it more known and help build it up to be a popular western sport?

Lionel Brown: The tie-down roping is still a very strong event! It is one of the sports that are still used on ranches Daily. To keep the sport on top, more demonstrations should be done to show how the event is used to doctoring cattle, with low stress methods.

Question 6: Have you ever done any remotes (Radio, TV) or magazine interviews before? If so, what interview have you done where it was a “Highlight” in your Tie-Down Roping career?

Lionel Brown: The biggest interview so far was when I was at McNeese State University where I was the rodeo president for 4 years. I was interviewed as the first African-American Rodeo Team President.

Question 7: Wow! Congrats! So what was it like being the first African-American Rodeo Team President?

Lionel Brown: It taught me that the only thing that can hold you back is yourself! I was very blessed to have my rope pay for education. It also allowed me to build leadership skills and help my teammates have the best college rodeo experience possible.

Question 8: Let’s talk about your better half.. Your Horse! Haha. Tell us about your Palomino mare and where you found this wicked horse at?

Lionel Brown: Her name is Penny, I actually tried her a year ago and it didn’t workout! But through the grace of God she came back to me. Now we are fitting better and better each run!

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Question 9: Talk about a successful up & coming TDR! You just won your first TDR PRCA event in Savannah, TN this past weekend! Care to give us a RECAP of that win an rodeo?

Lionel Brown: Heading to Savannah, TN it rained the whole way there. It’s an outdoor arena the mud was up to my horses knees, but the boxes were dry. I decided to use a grass rope even though conditions were wet and nasty! It proved to workout in my favor because my calf tried to duck back to the left and my handy KingGrass rope allowed me to rope him, my horse worked great in the conditions. I considered putting one wrap on my calf but put two instead because he tried the tie!

Question 10: What rodeos are you entered up in next, and who do you travel down the rodeo trail with?

Lionel Brown: This weekend I’m entered at Philadelphia, MS. In upcoming weeks Winnsboro, LA, Springhill, LA, Crossett, AR and Lauderdale.  I travel with my coworker BJ McClenton, he is a steer wrestler!

Question 11: What’s one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the rodeo industry?

Lionel Brown: I would have to say the ability to stay humble no matter how good you doing! Always give God the Glory, because I’m blessed. I always dreamed of roping in the PRCA, and he answered my prayers! The road was far from easy and many sacrifices!

Question 12: What are some of the sacrifices you gave up to chase the NFR trail to Vegas?

Lionel Brown: You have to budget down to the $1 in order to travel up and down the road! So I always saved money!  My little sister and I even sold cakes to get fuel money and entry fees! No going to movies or buying fancy gaming systems all I wanted was a rope and tying dummy. 

Question 13: What’s one motto you live by that’s helping you reach that dream competing under the big lights in Vegas?

Lionel Brown: All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me!!!

For those of you wanting to keep up with Lionel Brown down the rodeo trail. Here are the link to his social media pages below:



– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host And Founder





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