RodeoChat Interview: Professional Bull Rider – Jason Malone


9 Questions with Professional Bull Rider – Jason Malone:

RodeoChat: Congrats on the PBR BlueDEF Velocity Win in Orlando, FL! I have a question.. Did you double enter that event or were they short on riders?

Jason Malone: Thank you, and yes I was entered twice.

RodeoChat: But, the event you won in FL wasn’t just a regular PBR TPD. It was a Velocity event. What’s it like being on the PBR BlueDEF Velocity tour?

Jason Malone: The money and points are about the same as other TPD events, but the PBR produces the Velocity Tour events. The Velocity events are the closest thing to a BFT event. They are fun and exciting.

RodeoChat: We watched one Velocity event online and loved the format. How many velocity events have you rode at this year?

Jason Malone: Orlando FL, Cincinnati OH, Omaha NE, Worcester MA, Little Rock AR, and Hampton VA. So six!

RodeoChat: Nice! So out of all of those 6 which event stood out the most and why? Besides your FL win! Lol

Jason Malone: Worcester, MA because that was my first Velocity win this year. Also got stuck in a bad snow storm on the way home. 

RodeoChat: So, we talked about the PBR Velocity tour. But, now let’s back up a bit.. How did you get into bull riding?

Jason Malone: My older sister was a barrel racer, and steer riding sounded like fun to me.  I had no intention of riding bulls, but when I had to move up an age group, I decided to go on with it.

RodeoChat: So you gave steer riding a try to and you liked it.. What happened next? Bull riding school?

Jason Malone: Never went to any schools. Was able to be around old timers that knew a bit about what they were talking about.

RodeoChat: That’s the best way to learn! What’s one thing you learned from those guys that pushed you to be the best?

Jason Malone: Don’t let go til your head hits the ground.

RodeoChat: All the talk right now is about the China PBR tour. And.. You got invited to ride on the PBR China tour. How excited are you to ride bulls in China for your first time? Also, Have you rode bulls in other countries before?

Jason Malone: I’ve ridden bulls in Canada, Mexico and Brazil but never thought I would in China. Very excited to be a part of it. 

RodeoChat: Wow! That’s awesome. But you haven’t rode on the PBR tour in Australia yet?

Jason Malone: No. I almost went to Australia last July, but decided not to. Maybe next year.

To stay up to date with Jason Malone down the PBR trail.. Be sure to check out his Facebook, and twitter page for updates! Here are the links below:



Thanks so much to all of the fans, and Jason for taking the time out of his busy day to chat with us on Twitter! Hope all of you wonderful RodeoChat fans have a wonderful week.

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host And Founder





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