RodeoChat Interview: Barrel Racer – Kyleen Joan


13 Questions with Barrel Racer/Country Music Singer – Kyleen Joan

RodeoChat: First off, How was your day today?

Kyleen Joan: Good. Rode both my horses and am cleaning the barn!

RodeoChat: Wicked! So tell us a little bit about your barrel horses, and do you take both of your horses out on the road with you?

Kyleen Joan: I only take one on the road when I barrel race! She is 14 and is jet black! This is her! she is a barrel horse and reining horse from Texas.  


RodeoChat: So how is your horse doing in the barrels? Any special highlights y’all have achieved together?

Kyleen Joan: We have made an arena record last week! 15.008 at a big arena in Wisconsin 🙂

RodeoChat: Wow! That’s awesome gal. Congrats! How did you train for that record you wanted to break in WI?

Kyleen Joan:  I Wasn’t actually planning to break the record! I was very shocked. I just went & practiced more & thanks!!!

RodeoChat: Even better! So do you have a role model that motivates you to try harder in your barrel racing & music career?

Kyleen Joan: My role model is Fallon Taylor! For barrel racing & for singing people who doubted me push me more to work harder.

RodeoChat: So let’s talk about your music career.. How hard is it to balance music and barrel racing?

Kyleen Joan: It’s actually easy! If I’m at a barrel race I generally sing the national anthem! I sing all the time while riding too!!

RodeoChat: Do you just sing country music or do you have a variety of songs you like to sing?

Kyleen Joan: I sing anything but prefer country!

RodeoChat: Didn’t you mention a few weeks ago you were trying out for American Idol?

Kyleen Joan:  I did audition for american idol! I didn’t make it, sadly.

RodeoChat: What was it like auditioning for American Idol and what song did you sing?

Kyleen Joan: It was very scary!! I sang cowboy take me away by the Dixie Chicks.

RodeoChat: Are you planning on taking your music career any further?

Kyleen Joan: Yes, I am! I’m not giving up until I make it!!

RodeoChat: So we gotta know.. What’s one of the craziest places you’ve performed at that stuck out the most from the rest.

Kyleen Joan: I’ve performed at a pro rodeo in Texas, where there were country stars such as Danielle Bradberry.

RodeoChat: What are your plans for the rest of the summer in your barrel racing and music career?

Kyleen Joan: I will continue posting Youtube videos & barrel racing at rodeos! Then hair school in the fall!

RodeoChat:  Before we end the interview.. What’s one motto you live by that has helped you chase your dreams?

Kyleen Joan: Don’t let anyone tell you can’t make a dream come true. Big or small. 

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host And Founder








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